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Best 50-Inch Smart TVs Under Rs 35,000: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s market, finding a 50-inch smart TV that fits a budget of Rs 35,000 while offering high-quality features is a challenging task. However, several models stand out for their exceptional value, combining impressive screen quality, smart capabilities, and affordability. This article highlights the key features and specifications of these top-performing 50-inch smart TVs available in 2024.

Key Highlights:

  • Budget-friendly options for 50-inch smart TVs under Rs 35,000.
  • Models featuring Ultra-HD and 4K resolution for superior picture quality.
  • Android OS integration for enhanced smart capabilities.
  • A variety of brands offering competitive features and pricing.

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Nokia 50 inch Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV (50TAUHDN)

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One notable model is the Nokia 50 inch Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV (50TAUHDN), priced attractively at Rs. 29,999. It boasts a 50-inch display with a 4K resolution standard, ensuring a high-quality viewing experience. The TV operates on Android OS, enhancing its smart capabilities.

Redmi 50-inch Smart LED TV X50

Another excellent choice is the Redmi 50-inch Smart LED TV X50, also priced at Rs. 29,999. This model features a 50-inch Ultra-HD screen, Android OS, and smart TV functionality, making it a strong contender in this price range.

Sanyo 49 Inch LED Ultra HD (4K) TV (Kaizen Series XT-49A082U)

The Sanyo 49 Inch LED Ultra HD (4K) TV from the Kaizen Series (XT-49A082U), priced at Rs. 29,999, is another remarkable option. While slightly below 50 inches, it offers a 4K resolution and Android-based OS, providing a smart TV experience at a competitive price.

Market Trends and Consumer Preferences

The market for 50-inch smart TVs under Rs 35,000 is driven by consumer demand for high-resolution displays and smart features at affordable prices. Brands are responding by offering models that balance cost with advanced technology, such as 4K resolution and smart functionality.

Additional Models and Features

Connectivity and Ports

A critical aspect of these TVs is connectivity. Most models in this range come equipped with multiple HDMI and USB ports, allowing for easy connection to external devices like gaming consoles, sound systems, and streaming devices. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities are also standard, ensuring seamless integration with home networks and wireless peripherals.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is another factor. While most models offer decent built-in speakers, some might include enhanced audio features like Dolby support or specialized sound modes. For a more immersive experience, external sound systems or soundbars can be connected.

Smart Features

Smart functionality is a given in these models. With operating systems like Android and WebOS, users can access a wide range of apps and streaming services. Voice control, integrated assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa, and screen mirroring are common features that add to the user experience.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a key consideration. Many of these TVs are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing electricity consumption without compromising on performance.


The Nokia 50TAUHDN, Redmi X50, and Sanyo XT-49A082U represent the best 50-inch smart TVs available under Rs 35,000 in 2024. These models offer a blend of affordability, high-resolution displays, and smart features, making them ideal choices for consumers seeking value without compromising on quality.

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