Home News BOULT’s ‘Unwrap Campaign’ Marks Festive Season with Innovative Gifting Strategy

BOULT’s ‘Unwrap Campaign’ Marks Festive Season with Innovative Gifting Strategy

BOULT's 'Unwrap Campaign' Marks Festive Season with Innovative Gifting Strategy

BOULT, India’s wearable brand, has launched its festive “Unwrap campaign,” accompanied by a digital film. This initiative marks the continuation of the gifting tradition during India’s festive season through the brand’s smart wearables.

Key Highlights:

  • BOULT launched its “Unwrap campaign” with a digital film to celebrate the festive season in India.
  • The campaign included a 360-degree approach, engaging contests, and a significant digital presence.
  • A permanent gifting page was introduced on BOULT’s website, offering tailored gift recommendations.
  • Nearly 4.5 lakh visitors were drawn in by the campaign, reflecting substantial engagement.
  • Influencer collaborations and traditional advertising strategies were employed to enhance regional festive marketing.
  • The campaign’s success was bolstered by a strategic partnership with influencers, achieving around 10 million views.
  • Non-traditional advertising methods, such as auto advertisements, were used to broaden reach.

BOULT's 'Unwrap Campaign' Marks Festive Season with Innovative Gifting Strategy

Gifting, a central aspect of Indian festivals, has been a focus of BOULT’s campaign. The brand sought to integrate traditional values with modern consumer preferences by offering unique and thoughtful gifts. The “BOULT Unwrap” campaign included performance marketing, a brand film, social media activities, and transit branding in key city areas.

A highlight of the campaign was the introduction of a permanent gifting page on BOULT’s website, providing a modern digital platform for the traditional art of gifting. The campaign’s success is evident from its impressive reach and active visitor engagement.

The brand team also created over 10 in-house festive reels, celebrating the diversity of Indian culture and festivals. These efforts were aimed at localizing and honoring national traditions, thereby strengthening brand engagement.

Furthering its reach, BOULT undertook influencer collaborations, aligning with regional festivals to boost brand awareness. Festive product notes and discounts were also part of the strategy, engaging the audience and enhancing brand recognition.

Varun Gupta, Co-Founder of BOULT, highlighted the campaign’s focus on enhancing festive joy through thoughtful gifting, emphasizing the trend towards health-conscious and organic gifts.

The campaign’s effectiveness was amplified by collaborations with influencers, particularly a couple whose content reached nearly 10 million views. This strategy underlined the brand’s ability to connect with diverse audiences and make a lasting impact in the digital sphere.

To expand its reach, BOULT adopted non-traditional advertising methods, including auto advertisements in major Indian cities. This approach covered a span of 30 days, reinforcing the brand’s presence across various digital channels.

Additionally, BOULT ventured into augmented reality by creating an interactive AR filter for its social media platform, inviting users to engage with the brand during the festive season.



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