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Bring the Stadium Home with Samsung Big TV Days Sale on Ultra-Premium TVs

Bring the Stadium Home with Samsung Big TV Days Sale on Ultra-Premium TVs

Samsung is bringing a cinematic experience to homes with its latest ‘Big TV Days’ sale, offering a range of deals on ultra-premium televisions. This sale is available at all leading consumer electronics retailers and Samsung’s official online store, providing substantial discounts, extended warranties, and attractive freebies on select models of Samsung’s high-end TVs.

Attractive Offers and Assured Benefits

During the ‘Big TV Days’ sale, customers can enjoy up to 20% cashback on the purchase of Samsung’s premium TV models. The promotion also includes extended warranty options, ensuring peace of mind for consumers investing in these high-quality devices.

Additionally, Samsung is offering assured gifts with the purchase of select TV models. Buyers of 75-inch and above Neo QLED 8K TVs will receive a complimentary Samsung Soundbar worth INR 94,990. For those purchasing 65-inch Neo QLED 8K, 75-inch UHD, and 65-inch & 55-inch Neo QLED and QLED TVs, Samsung is providing a Galaxy A7 LTE Tab worth INR 21,999​.

Premium TV Line-Up

Samsung QLED Televisions

Samsung’s QLED TVs are known for their exceptional picture quality, powered by Quantum Dot technology, which enhances brightness levels and color accuracy. Features like Object Tracking Sound (OTS) and Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) offer an immersive audio-visual experience. The Ambient Mode feature allows the TV to blend seamlessly into home interiors, turning it into a piece of art when not in use​.

Crystal 4K UHD Televisions

Samsung’s Crystal 4K UHD TVs provide superior color accuracy and sharpness, driven by Crystal technology. These TVs come with features such as Multi View, Adaptive Sound, and Tap View, enhancing the overall viewing and interaction experience. Gamers will appreciate the lag-free gaming capabilities and screen mirroring options​​.


Samsung’s QLED 8K TVs are the pinnacle of home entertainment technology. These TVs boast Real 8K Resolution, 8K AI Upscaling, and Quantum Processor 8K, delivering stunning visuals with 33 million pixels. Features like Infinity Screen, Adaptive Picture, and Q-Symphony ensure the best possible picture and sound quality. These models also come with a 10-year no screen burn-in warranty, a one-year comprehensive warranty, and an additional one-year panel warranty​.

Soundbar Integration

Complementing the premium TV line-up, Samsung’s Q Series Soundbars offer a multi-dimensional cinematic audio experience. With Dolby Atmos technology and Samsung’s signature Q-Symphony feature, these soundbars ensure that both TV speakers and the soundbar work in harmony, creating an immersive sound environment. The sleek design and premium materials used in these soundbars add a touch of elegance to any home setup​.

Samsung’s ‘Big TV Days’ sale is an excellent opportunity for consumers to upgrade their home entertainment systems with ultra-premium TVs and soundbars. The combination of significant discounts, extended warranties, and attractive freebies makes this sale a compelling offer for those looking to bring the stadium experience home.



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