Canon Installs New imagePRESS V1350 Printers in New Delhi

Canon Installs New imagePRESS V1350 Printers in New Delhi

Canon India has announced the installation of two imagePRESS V1350 printers in New Delhi, expanding its presence in the digital imaging industry. The imagePRESS V1350, introduced in October 2023, is part of Canon’s new generation of imagePRESS VSeries Printers, which also includes the V1000, V900, V800, and V700. The V1350 model is designed to meet the production needs and quality expectations of Jobbers, Offset Printers, and in-house Print Service Providers (PSPs).

Key Highlights:

  • The imagePRESS V1350 was well received at PAMEX 2024, with notable feedback on its productivity and media handling capabilities.
  • The printer supports a wide range of media weights and types, capable of printing up to 135 A4 pages per minute.
  • It features advanced technologies for high-quality printing, including a vacuum-feeding mechanism and the Multi-D.A.T. color correction system.

Canon Installs New imagePRESS V1350 Printers in New Delhi

Canon showcased the imagePRESS V1350 at PAMEX 2024, receiving positive feedback for its productivity, media switching time, media handling capabilities, print accuracy, and durability. The exposure at the exhibition led to several orders for the new printer.

The two new installations in New Delhi were completed by Sharp Digital Prints Pvt Limited and Wee Print, with Canon India’s President and CEO, Mr. Manabu Yamazaki, presiding over the inauguration ceremony. Mr. Yamazaki highlighted the positive industry response to the imagePRESS V series and the transformative potential of the V1350 for business printing needs.

Mr. Ekjot Singh of Sharp Digital Prints and Mr. Himanshu Dhall of Wee Print shared their experiences with Canon’s imagePRESS series, praising the V1350’s durability, printing capabilities, and the company’s post-sales support. Both highlighted the printer’s impact on their ability to meet client demands and maintain high-quality outputs.

The imagePRESS V1350 stands out for its exceptional speed and versatility, handling up to 2.4 million A4 pages per month and supporting a variety of media types. Its precision and quality control technologies ensure consistent, high-quality prints across diverse print jobs, making it a valuable asset for commercial and in-house print service providers seeking to enhance their printing capabilities.

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