Canon Unveils New imagePROGRAF TM Series in India

Canon has recently launched the imagePROGRAF TM Series in India, featuring models TM-5240, TM-5340, TM-5250, TM-5255, TM-5350, and TM-5355. These large format printers are designed to meet various printing needs, including those of copy shops, photo studios, corporate offices, site engineering offices, and print shops.

Key Highlights:

  • The imagePROGRAF TM Series includes six models, each tailored for different large format printing requirements.
  • These printers promise high-speed printing along with vibrant color reproduction.
  • The series combines new technology like the ‘L-COA PRO II’ image processing engine and a newly developed magenta ink for better print quality.
  • Canon’s focus on environmental responsibility is evident in the eco-friendly cardboard packaging, a first for their large format inkjet printers.
  • The series is equipped with features like paper type detection and colour calibration function, enhancing user convenience and print quality.

Canon Unveils New imagePROGRAF TM Series in India

Manabu Yamazaki, President and CEO of Canon India, emphasized the company’s commitment to technological advancement and environmental responsibility. He highlighted the series as a reflection of Canon’s focus on performance, innovation, and eco-friendly practices. The new printers are designed to streamline printing processes and set new industry standards.

C Sukumaran, Senior Director at Canon India, also commented on the launch, underscoring the series’ versatility and innovation. He noted the printers’ capability to meet diverse printing requirements with precision and speed.

The TM Series is characterized by the ‘L-COA PRO II’ image processing engine, which enhances productivity and speeds up data processing for continuous printing. This technology allows the TM-5350/5355 models to print approximately 3.2 sheets of drawing prints per minute, marking a 28% improvement over previous models.

In terms of quality, the new magenta ink and all-colour pigment ink used in the series ensure vivid and durable prints. The series also allows for borderless poster printing on roll papers and includes a colour calibration function for consistent output.

The design of the TM Series printers reflects Canon’s focus on ease of use. With a new flat top design, these printers require less operational space and reduce operation time. They also feature a wider printer panel for easy monitoring of paper and ink levels. Additionally, models TM-5240/5340 are notable for reduced operating noise levels.

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