Home News Canva Unveils 2024’s Leading Design Trends

Canva Unveils 2024’s Leading Design Trends

Canva Unveils 2024's Leading Design Trends

Discover Canva’s top 5 design trends for 2024, featuring pixelation, motion collages, surrealism, and more, highlighting a year of vibrant and innovative design.

Key Highlights:

  • Canva released its 2024 Design Trends Report, marking its 10th anniversary.
  • The report is based on content performance and search trends from Canva’s 170 million global users.
  • Top 5 trends include Pixelation, Flow and Form, Motion Collage, Surrealism, and The Bold Rebrand.
  • Trends emphasize positivity, color, and experimentation in design.
  • Canva offers tools and templates for users to incorporate these trends.

Canva Unveils 2024's Leading Design Trends

Canva, a popular visual communication platform, has released its 2024 Design Trends Report on December 21st, 2023, from India. The report, coinciding with the company’s 10th anniversary, reveals the emerging design trends for the coming year. These trends are identified based on the analysis of content in Canva’s vast library and the search habits of its 170 million users worldwide, supplemented by insights from Canva’s design team.

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The report lists the top five design trends for 2024:

  1. Pixelation: This trend, inspired by tech aesthetics, is a nod to classic 8-bit video games and computer animations. It incorporates grids, blocky fonts, and pixel art to evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia.
  2. Flow and Form: Combining geometric and organic shapes, this trend is characterized by its simplicity, expressiveness, and abstraction. It often appears in playful blob art or flowing shapes, appealing to youthful brands.
  3. Motion Collage: Capturing attention with movement, the Motion Collage trend is influenced by zine culture, handmade scrapbooks, and photo collages. It is expected to be prevalent in video displays in 2024, offering a dynamic visual experience.
  4. Surrealism: Drawing inspiration from the 20th-century art movement, this trend brings fantasy art, ethereal designs, and subconscious connections to the forefront. It encourages viewers to escape reality and envision new, imaginative worlds.
  5. The Bold Rebrand: This trend signifies a return to bold branding, characterized by vivid, fluorescent colors and rounded sans serif fonts. It reflects an ethos of positivity, fun, and optimism, appealing to organizations aiming for a generational shift.

Canva’s report highlights a future in design dominated by positivity, vibrant colors, and a spirit of experimentation. The platform provides its users with the necessary tools and templates to adopt and implement these trends in their own designs, enabling them to stay at the forefront of the design world.

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