Casio Announces Launch of EDIFICE Windflow ECB 2200 Chronograph

Casio Announces Launch of EDIFICE Windflow ECB 2200 Chronograph

Casio Computer Co. Ltd has unveiled the EDIFICE Windflow ECB 2200, a digital-analog chronograph, inspired by motorsports. The watch is the latest addition to Casio’s EDIFICE range, which merges design with technology.

Key Highlights:

  • The ECB 2200 design draws from the aesthetics of formula race cars.
  • Features a carbon fiber reinforced resin case.
  • Utilizes Tough Solar technology for up to 7 months of use on one charge.
  • Syncs with smartphones via Bluetooth and the Casio watches app.
  • Comes with a range of functions beneficial for racing enthusiasts, including precision timekeeping and a Phone Finder function.
  • Available in two color variants: ECB-2200DD-1A (blue accents) and ECB-2200P-1ADF (red accents).

Casio Announces Launch of EDIFICE Windflow ECB 2200 Chronograph

Drawing from the distinctive features of a formula race car, the ECB 2200’s side profile is designed to reflect the sensation of wind cutting through speed. Its mechanical face complements this design vision. The watch’s carbon fiber reinforced resin case offers durability without compromising on wearability.

One of the standout features of the ECB 2200 is its power source. The watch employs Tough Solar technology, converting energy from both natural and artificial light, ensuring consistent performance for up to 7 months after a single charge. Its black ion-plated finish on the band also adds to its durability by providing resistance against scratches.

Another significant aspect of the ECB 2200 is its ability to sync with smartphones using Bluetooth and the Casio watches app. This offers users a variety of functions vital for racing enthusiasts. The precision timekeeping feature auto-adjusts to the second. Users can transfer stopwatch data, accounting for up to 200 lap times, and utilize the Super Illuminator feature to brighten the analog face. For those moments when a user’s phone goes missing, the built-in Phone Finder function is a convenient tool for quick retrieval.

The two available color options for this model are ECB-2200DD-1A with blue accents, available for INR 19,995, and ECB-2200P-1ADF with red accents, retailing at INR 18,995. Prospective buyers can find these watches at select Casio India and G-SHOCK stores or can make their purchase online.

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