Casio India Unveils New Campaign for Engineering Students

Casio India has recently launched a campaign for its ClassWiz FX-991CW calculator, focusing on its benefits for Engineering and Diploma students. This campaign is centered around the ClassWiz Calculator’s capabilities in assisting students throughout their engineering studies.

Key Highlights:

  • Casio India introduces a campaign for the ClassWiz FX-991CW calculator.
  • The calculator is designed to support Engineering and Diploma students.
  • Features include a user-friendly interface, over 540 functions, and QR Code integration for visualizing equations.
  • The campaign film features engineering students Veer and Dev, showcasing the calculator’s impact on academic life.
  • Comments from Casio India and Continu Media emphasize the calculator’s role in student success.

Casio India Unveils New Campaign for Engineering Students

Casio India, a leading calculator brand in the country, has unveiled its latest campaign for the Casio ClassWiz FX-991CW, its flagship scientific calculator. This calculator has gained global recognition for its ease of use and comprehensive functionality. The ClassWiz FX-991CW, with its simple and intuitive design, aims to significantly aid Engineering students in their academic pursuits.

The ClassWiz FX-991CW allows for online visualization of equations through QR Code scanning, enabling students to generate graphs and other visuals on smartphones and tablets. It comes equipped with more than 540 functions, with a clear, bold typeface for easy identification of scientific functions. The keypad design has been revamped for easier navigation.

The campaign’s narrative is set in a college environment, where two first-year Engineering students, Veer and Dev, face academic challenges. The story progresses as they discover the Casio ClassWiz calculator, portrayed as a crucial tool in their educational journey. The film combines humor with a message on how the calculator simplifies complex problems, helping students balance academic and personal interests.

Mr. Hideki Imai, Managing Director of Casio India, commented on the campaign, highlighting the ClassWiz’s role as more than a calculator, but as a facilitator of academic and personal growth. He emphasized the product’s design, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive functionality, making it an essential tool for students.

Mr. Rudraksh Vashist, Senior Creative Director at Continu Media, shared his experience in creating the advertisement for Casio. He noted the film’s unique approach in depicting the engineering student journey and the empowering role of the Casio Classwiz calculators.

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