Home News ChatGPT Introduces File Import Feature from Google Drive and OneDrive

ChatGPT Introduces File Import Feature from Google Drive and OneDrive

ChatGPT Introduces File Import Feature from Google Drive and OneDrive

OpenAI has announced a significant update to its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, which now allows users to import files directly from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. This new feature aims to enhance the chatbot’s functionality by streamlining the process of integrating external documents, spreadsheets, and presentations into ChatGPT’s interface. Available to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise plans, the update promises to save users time and increase flexibility.

How the New File Import Feature Works

Accessing the Feature

The file import functionality is integrated into the ChatGPT desktop interface through a small paper clip icon located next to the text entry bar. Users need to grant access to their Google Drive or OneDrive accounts to use this feature. Once access is provided, users can select a range of file types including Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files to import directly into ChatGPT.

Interactive File Handling

Once files are imported, ChatGPT offers an enhanced interface for interacting with the documents. For instance, spreadsheet files can be viewed in full-screen mode, allowing users to make real-time changes directly within the ChatGPT interface. The platform also supports customization and interaction with various chart types such as bar, line, pie, and scatter plots. Users can hover over chart elements, ask questions, or select colors, and then download the customized charts for use in presentations or documents.

Privacy and Data Security

OpenAI emphasizes data privacy with this new feature. The company assures users that data from ChatGPT Team and Enterprise customers is not used for training purposes. Additionally, ChatGPT Plus users have the option to opt out of data training through the Data Controls available in the settings menu. This focus on privacy aims to build trust among users, ensuring that their data remains secure while using the chatbot for document-related tasks.

Availability and Future Updates

This update is part of OpenAI’s ongoing efforts to improve the usability and functionality of ChatGPT. The feature is currently available to paying subscribers using the new GPT-4o model as well as older versions. As OpenAI continues to roll out enhancements, users can expect further improvements that cater to a wide range of document management needs.


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