ControlZ Launches Undo Festival: Affordable Renewed iPhones Available

ControlZ, known for its renewed smartphones, has introduced the Undo Festival. From October 20 to 28, 2023, on their website, customers can purchase renewed iPhones, from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 11 Pro, at discounted rates.

Key Highlights:

  • The festival runs from October 20 to 28, 2023.
  • Renewed iPhones, ranging from iPhone 7 to iPhone 11 Pro, are available.
  • Partnerships with financial entities like MobiKwik, Paytm, Bajaj Finance, and others provide cashback offers and EMI options.
  • Phone deals include substantial discounts on various iPhone models.
  • Purchases come with an 18-month warranty and necessary accessories.

ControlZ Launches Undo Festival: Affordable Renewed iPhones Available

In collaboration with financial entities such as MobiKwik, Paytm, Bajaj Finance, Snapmint, and 20 other major banks, ControlZ offers various cashback and EMI options for its customers. These options aim to improve the buying experience and offer maximum benefits to the customers.

Mr. Yug Bhatia, the Founder and CEO of ControlZ, mentioned, “The Undo Festival showcases our commitment to offering quality smartphones at accessible prices. Through this event, ControlZ aspires to make iPhone ownership attainable for many.”

During the festival, customers can avail of the following deals:

Phone SKU’s Selling Price Effective Price
iPhone 7 32 ₹ 9,999
iPhone 8 128 ₹ 17,499
iPhone 8 Plus 128 ₹ 24,299
iPhone X 64 ₹ 19,999
iPhone XS 256 ₹ 27,999
iPhone 11 64 ₹ 26,499
iPhone 11 Pro 64 ₹ 34,999

Every purchase ensures an 18-month warranty. The package also includes necessary accessories such as an adapter and a power cable. ControlZ focuses on offering its customers smartphones that are efficiently renewed.

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