Crompton Launches IndiBreeze Industrial Coolers for Powerful Cooling

Crompton Launches IndiBreeze Industrial Coolers for Powerful Cooling
Crompton's new IndiBreeze industrial coolers provide powerful cooling for factories, warehouses, and large spaces. Find out more!

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited, a well-known appliance innovator, has expanded its cooling solutions with the IndiBreeze Industrial Cooler range. Available in 95L and 135L capacities, these coolers cater to factories, warehouses, open-kitchen restaurants, and large lobbies.

Key Highlights:

  • Designed for large, open spaces
  • Powerful airflow for rapid cooling
  • Durable construction for industrial use
  • Advanced features for convenience

Addressing the Need for Industrial Cooling

As temperatures rise, the need for effective cooling solutions – especially in vast industrial settings – becomes vital. Understanding these challenges, Crompton’s IndiBreeze series aims to offer powerful cooling while addressing the unique demands of industrial environments.

“The launch of the IndiBreeze Industrial Cooler range reflects Crompton’s dedication to evolving alongside its customers’ needs… The IndiBreeze Industrial Coolers addresses this growing need for powerful and reliable cooling in industrial / different settings,” said Mr. Malhar Vadke, Business Head (Large Domestic Appliances) – Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd.

IndiBreeze 95 & 135: Features

The IndiBreeze 95 includes a double-bearing motor for longevity, high-density honeycomb pads for efficient cooling, and a 17-inch metal fan blade for strong airflow (6500m3/hr). Features like collapsible louvers, an Everlast Pump, auto-fill, inverter compatibility, and heavy-duty wheels enhance convenience and adaptability.

The IndiBreeze 135 offers similar features, but with a larger 20-inch metal fan blade for even more powerful airflow (9000m3/hr), making it ideal for larger spaces.


Crompton’s IndiBreeze industrial air coolers are available through their retail stores and online channels, priced between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 29,000.

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