DashLoc Launches DashLoc 2.0 for Enhanced Hyperlocal Discovery

DashLoc Launches DashLoc 2.0 for Enhanced Hyperlocal Discovery

DashLoc, an Indian company specializing in hyperlocal discovery and growth, announced the release of DashLoc 2.0. This upgrade brings new features and technologies to its dashboard platform, aiming to provide brands with actionable insights and customizable solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • AI-driven review management for improved customer engagement.
  • An advanced chatbot feature to reduce costs and increase conversion rates.
  • Intelligent analytics with smart reporting for informed decision-making.
  • Progressive website theme control for brand identity customization.

DashLoc Launches DashLoc 2.0 for Enhanced Hyperlocal Discovery

DashLoc 2.0 employs AI algorithms and advanced ML models, along with GenAI technology, to enhance the platform’s functionality. Gaurav Kumar, Co-Founder and CTO of DashLoc, emphasized the platform’s development focus on user-centric design and technology integration for more efficient feature development.

The platform now includes multilingual features to cater to regional consumers, recognizing the significant portion of content consumed in local languages on major platforms like Google Discover and Google Assistant in India. DashLoc aims to expand its reach to multiple-tier cities, improving brand visibility and engagement.

Looking forward, DashLoc plans to develop a comprehensive platform that covers all aspects of brand execution from search to conversion, streamlining the process for brands to achieve their business objectives.

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