Denodo and Sonata Forge Partnership to Enhance Data Management in India

Denodo and Sonata Forge Partnership to Enhance Data Management in India
Explore how Denodo and Sonata's partnership enhances data management for enterprises in India, promoting better decision-making and efficiency.

Denodo and Sonata Information Technology India Limited (SITL) have announced a new partnership aimed at improving logical data management for Indian enterprises. This collaboration leverages Denodo’s data management technology and Sonata’s integration services to deliver advanced data fabric and mesh capabilities, enhancing data-driven decision-making and operational efficiency across industries.

Key Highlights:

  • Partnership aims to provide seamless integration and management of distributed data.
  • Focus on overcoming challenges related to the volume, velocity, and variety of data.
  • Enhanced decision-making and operational excellence are core goals.

Expanding Data Capabilities in Indian Enterprises

Today, enterprises face significant challenges in managing large volumes of data from diverse sources, especially with the rapid advancement of technologies like generative AI. The partnership between Denodo and Sonata aims to address these challenges by eliminating data silos through a centralized logical data management system. This system will provide real-time data access and facilitate timely insights essential for agile decision-making.

Statements from Company Leaders

Sujit Mohanty, CEO of Sonata, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, noting the importance of scaling data foundations to meet the demands of generative AI. He highlighted Sonata’s dedicated data practice and the proprietary Platformation™ framework, which are expected to play crucial roles in this initiative.

Ravi Shankar, CMO of Denodo, commented on the strategic placement of Sonata to assist enterprises in their modernization efforts. He emphasized the benefits of Denodo’s technology in improving decision-making, operational excellence, and compliance, with an accelerated data access time.

A Step Towards Data-Driven Decision Making

The collaboration is set to revolutionize how Indian businesses handle data by providing tools and frameworks that support effective data integration and management. This initiative not only aims to enhance operational efficiencies but also to foster a more data-centric approach in decision-making processes across various sectors.

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