Elephone S8 Bezel less smartphone coming soon

The year 2017 could be the year of bezel-less smartphones, lots of brands is going to release a three side bezel-less smartphone. Elephone is also working on a concept smartphone – Elephone S8. Apart from Elephone S7 which was the bezel-less smartphone from both sides with a curved display, Elephone S8 will be the bezel-less smartphone from three sides.

After Sharp and Xiaomi, Elephone S8 is going to be the third smartphone in the world with the tri-sided bezel-less display. Besides the bezel-less display, Elephone S8 will also be going to feature a scratch resistant back panel made of a new set of engineering. This back panel is achieved through an incredibly precise 15 step process.

The display is 6 inches, and the resolution is Full HD which looks stunning with no bezel on the all the three sides. It fits perfectly in hands and looks futuristic turning the display on. Elephone S8 supports internal storage of up to 128 GB, there is still no clue for RAM, but Elephone sure will install more than 4 GB RAM.

Apart from the two tri-side bezel-less smartphones released before, Elephone S8 doesn’t come with any home button on the front. But Elephone added a home button below the display and it can be a positivity that there is also a fingerprint sensor built into it. There is still no clue about the fingerprint sensor and the camera on Elephone S8. Tell us what you want to see in the new three side bezel-less smartphone.


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