Elephone soon to release its official UI Skin EleUI for all its Android smartphones

As all other brands are coming with their user interface to make their smartphones exclusive like Xiaomi’s MIUI and LeEco’s EUI. Elephone is also working on its official user interface to make its smartphones more beautiful than the stock Android user interface you usually see in Elephone’s smartphones. Elephone is calling this user interface; EleUI, it’s going to be the exclusive user interface for its smartphones.

They say a smartphone without proprietary UI is a lady without makeup. However, the face is charming with nothing to complain about, but something is missing. And Elephone is working its way to add what’s been missing. The report says that the EleUI will release in the middle of 2017 which might be the June or July of 2017.

If you are an Elephone user or thinking to buy a smartphone from Elephone, then you might be getting something sweeter than Android’s stock user interface. You’ll get some feature which you won’t see in other smartphones with stock Android OS like the easy screenshot with three finger gesture, long screenshot, multitasking, RAM cleaner built right into the home screen.

Apart from that, you might be getting some apps from Elephone, so you don’t have to download them as you do with stock Android OS. You’ll sure get the Google apps like the Google Play Store, Hangout, Drive, Gmail and much more. So get ready to witness something new and amazing from Elephone, tells what feature you want to see in EleUI and why in the comments below?


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