Elephone Z1 to be a crowdfunded smartphone

Elephone has started a crowdfunding project for its new smartphone, the Elephone Z1. This crowdfunding works same as you’ve seen on Kickstarter, you have to pre-order this project, and you’ll get the smartphone once the crowdfunding ended and manufacturing starts. Elephone Z1 is going to be the best smartphone in the series with the best hardware, let’s check it out.

The hardware of the Elephone Z1 is very impressive; it comes with the best hardware ever used in smartphones. You’ll get Helio P20 octa-core processor for best performance with six GB DDR4 RAM so you can multitask any app and even games. The 5.5 inches display is amazing and also almost bezel-less, the back of the phone is covered with Lumia waves. It also comes with USB Type-C for fast charging and even more rapid data transfer.

There are two categories for funding; whether you can fund $189.99 and you’ll get the smartphone with $40 off, and as soon as the manufacturing starts, the smartphone gets to deliver to your first. Or you can pay $49.99 today and rest of the $150 when the sale is on, by that you’ll save $30 and enjoy delivery priority. You can support Elephone too by $1, and if you are lucky enough, you’ll win an Elephone Z1 for free!

There’s no risk in funding Elephone Z1 because there’s no way this project is going to fail. And not only you’ll get the smartphone before everyone else, but you’ll also get it $40 cheaper. Or you can support this project and enter to win a free smartphone, how cool is that? To back this project or help it, go to the Elephone official website and try your luck.


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