Epson Launches New Document Scanners DS-C330 and DS-C490

Epson Launches New Document Scanners DS-C330 and DS-C490

Epson announced the launch of two new document scanners, the DS-C330 and DS-C490, adding to its product lineup. These devices are designed to offer efficient scanning speeds and are suitable for businesses looking to enhance productivity within compact spaces. They are the successors to the DS-310 and DS-410 models, featuring improvements such as increased speed, a reduced footprint, and the ability to scan passports and passbooks. The scanners incorporate 34% recycled plastics in their main body, highlighting Epson’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Key Highlights:

  • The DS-C490 and DS-C330 feature compact designs, saving up to 60% of desk space.
  • Both scanners offer fast scan speeds, with the DS-C490 capable of scanning both sides in a single pass at 40 ppm/80 ipm and the DS-C330 at 30 ppm/60 ipm.
  • They support a wide range of document sizes and types, including A4, legal-size documents, envelopes, PL cards, and long paper.
  • The devices are equipped with enhancement features to improve text sharpness and correct document imperfections.
  • Built-in Ultra-sonic sensors prevent double feeding, ensuring accurate page captures.

Epson Launches New Document Scanners DS-C330 and DS-C490

Prabagaran S, Senior General Manager at Epson India, stated, “Epson’s latest document scanners, the DS-C330 and DS-C490, seamlessly blend innovation with functionality to improve your business operations. These compact scanners, with swift scan speeds and versatile capabilities, are designed to boost productivity in limited spaces. The commitment to environmental sustainability adds an extra layer of value, aligning technology with eco-conscious practices. Whether managing passports, booklets, or various document types, these scanners ensure precision and efficiency, providing a seamless solution for diverse needs.”

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