Everything You Need to Know About the New Cars in Fortnite

When Epic Games announced that cars would be the next drivable vehicles in Season 3 of Fortnite, everyone was shocked. This was the first time actual cars, and not something you can buy from the Fortnite Item shop, were going to be used in the game. While it didn’t come as a surprise to other people, it certainly was unexpected to the players since all the vehicles that Epic Games has been providing were more on the “unique” side of things. These include sharks, golf carts, and the like. But now, we finally get old-fashioned cars. So what’s new about these hot wheels? And how do they stack up against the former rides? If you truly want to put the pedal to the metal, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve drifted around the map and rounded up all of the things you need to know about the cars in Fortnite just for you. So buckle up your seatbelts and rev up that engine, because it’s about to get fast and furious!

Introduction to Fortnite Cars

The cars in Fortnite can’t be found in the Fortnite Item shop like some accessories, but rather in the game. They’re part of the Joy Ride update which includes a trailer to celebrate the introduction of these new vehicles. These cars look like they have something to do with the recent leaks that have been going on. Fortnite leaks such as limited-time modes were revealed to be related to the cars. In true Epic Games fashion, these modes will cycle in and out of the game so that everyone can enjoy all the modes within short bursts. Some of the modes included in the leaks were “The Getaway”, “Knockout: Shuffle”, and “Knockout: Air Raid”. The Knockout modes look to be a solo queue exclusive, while “The Getaway” can be played both in solo and duo queue. So it looks like the cars have another purpose besides being the usual vehicle that everyone can use in the game.

Fortnite cars aren’t just run-of-the-mill ones that you see scattered in warehouses or garages. These are souped-up, ready-to-use, cars that can easily take you from point A to point B with style. They vary in terms of size and speed, but each has its own unique traits.

What Are the Types of Cars in Fortnite?

There are four flavors to choose from, each with their own personality. Depending on your taste and situation, each of these cars can be beneficial to get you straight to victory.

Here’s a short description of each:

  • OG Bear – Looking to just have a casual drive without standing out too much? The OG Bear is perfect for the job. This pickup truck will remind you of the country roads as you ride through the Frenzy Farms and into Lazy Lake.
  • Islander Prevalent – The Islander Prevalent is the perfect vehicle to get you across the map with ease. A vehicle with a modern look, this car is well-rounded in terms of durability, speed, and comfort.
  • Victory Motors Whiplash – Do you want to go fast? The Victory Motors Whiplash is the definition of “speed”. This hotrod will leave your enemies to dust if you’re in a pinch to get into the circle. There aren’t a lot of these though. So if you manage to find one lying around, just get in.
  • Titano Mudflap – The Titano Mudflap is a bulldozer not to be messed around with. While it may be slow, this vehicle can truck enemies down and turn them into pancakes. When it comes to sheer power, this car owns the road.

Things to Know About Fortnite Cars

  1. Cars Require Gas

Much like in real life, cars in Fortnite require cars in order to keep them running. So when using a car, make sure to check the locations of gas stations first. Luckily for you, the map is filled with them, making a detour an easy task. There are 13 gas stations around the whole area, so just take your pick on which ones are the nearest based on your location.

  1. Cars Spawn in Different Locations

There are plenty of cars parked around the map in Fortnite, but most of them aren’t drivable. With the recent update, however, things have changed. Most of the cars are can now be found in gas stations. Offroad vehicles such as the Titano Mudflap and OG Bear are an exception though since they tend to spawn in places that have offroad paths, but they can seldom be found in suburban areas.


That’s about it for all things car-related in Fortnite. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing some new types of cars soon aside from the ones that are already available. Who knows? Maybe there will be skins for these cars that will be available for purchase in the Fortnite Item shop soon. But for now, the ones that Epic first launched in the update are more than enough. What do you think about Fortnite’s new cars? Have you tried them yet? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment down below!

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