EVM EnBuds ANC 02 Review – Beautifully Crafted!

EVM EnBuds ANC 02

Like a lot of audio enthusiasts, I’m always searching for those earbuds that hit the sweet spot – great sound, comfortable, and built to last. I’ve heard good things about the EVM EnBuds ANC, so I decided to put them through their paces and see how they stack up.

Let’s talk about the design, performance, and whether they can really handle everyday life. Here’s my honest take on the EVM EnBuds ANC.

EVM Buds Specifications

  • Bluetooth Version : V5.3
  • Frequency : 20Hz-20KHZ
  • Earbud Battery : 30mAh each
  • Charging Case Battery : 400mAh
  • Charging time : about 1 hours
  • Speaker Driver : 13 mm
  • Bluetooth Range : 10 meters
  • Price: Rs. 3,999


EVM EnBuds ANC 02 6

I was pleasantly surprised by the compact and lightweight design of the EVM EnBuds ANC. The whole package is tiny and weighs practically nothing, making them super portable for on-the-go listening. The in-ear design, combined with the snug fit, ensures they stay put even during my workouts. No more fiddling with loose earbuds!

EVM EnBuds ANC 02

Speaking of workouts, the ipx4 sweat-proof rating is an absolute lifesaver. I’ve taken these on runs, gym sessions, and even a light hike in drizzle without any issues. It’s reassuring to know they can handle a bit of sweat and moisture. While they’re made of plastic, they feel surprisingly durable. I wouldn’t intentionally try to break them, but they seem tough enough for regular use.


If you’re looking for a pair of no-nonsense earbuds to power through your active lifestyle, the EVM EnBuds ANC are worth a serious look.


EVM EnBuds ANC 02

I’ve been blown away by the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on the EVM EnBuds ANC. It does a fantastic job of blocking distractions. The roar of traffic, the chatter in a cafe, even the hum of a plane engine – these all fade away when I turn on the ANC. I can finally focus on the music or audiobook without the outside world intruding. If you’re like me and crave a bit of quiet focus during commutes or busy workdays, the EVM EnBuds ANC are an excellent choice.

I’m seriously impressed with the battery life of the EVM EnBuds ANC. The 45-hour playtime with the charging case means I don’t have to constantly stress about finding a power outlet. Whether I’m on a long flight, stuck in traffic, or pulling extra hours with a podcast on, these earbuds just keep going. Plus, when I do need a top-up, the fast 1-hour charging time gets me back in the audio game quickly.

These earbuds pair instantly with my phone thanks to Bluetooth 5.3, and I love that I can roam up to 10 meters away without the music cutting out. The connection feels super reliable. But what really blew me away is the sound quality. Those 13mm drivers pump out amazingly rich and detailed audio. Whether I’m blasting hip-hop and feeling the bass or getting lost in a symphony, these earbuds deliver.

The touch controls and voice assistant are a nice bonus too. Skipping tracks, making calls, or asking my phone questions is all hands-free with just a few taps on the earbuds. The EVM EnBuds ANC make it easy to stay in control of my audio world without fumbling for my phone.


EVM EnBuds ANC 02 3

After putting the EVM EnBuds ANC through their paces, I’m genuinely impressed. They’ve got the right mix of great sound, practical design, and useful features. The sweat-proof rating, awesome battery life, and rock-solid connection make them perfect for workouts or long days on the go. Sure, the plastic build might not scream ‘luxury,’ but these things can take a beating and keep on playing. Plus, with that 1-year warranty, I’m confident they’ll last.

If you’re looking for reliable earbuds that won’t drain your wallet, the EVM EnBuds ANC are definitely worth considering. Official product website can be visited here.


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