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Explore Mare: A Unique VR Adventure with Optional Eye Tracking on PSVR 2

A Unique VR Adventure with Optional Eye Tracking on PSVR 2

“Mare,” an intriguing virtual reality (VR) puzzle adventure game, initially captivated audiences in 2021. Drawing inspiration from ICO, the game immerses players in a third-person VR environment where they assume the role of a mysterious artificial bird. The primary objective is to navigate a young girl through enigmatic dungeons, employing motion controllers for movement and interaction.

The Evolution of Interaction in “Mare”

The transition of “Mare” to PSVR 2 marks a significant enhancement in how players can interact with the game. The PSVR 2 port introduces an innovative control scheme centered around optional eye tracking only controls. This feature allows players to guide the game’s actions merely by shifting their gaze, a method that was showcased in the game’s recent trailer. This advancement not only enriches the user experience but also sets a new standard for immersive gameplay in VR platforms.

Atmospheric Journey Across Eight Chapters

“Mare” offers an extensive journey spread across eight chapters, filled with puzzles that require both cleverness and intuition to solve. The game’s design focuses on exploration, encouraging players to delve into its mystic and atmospheric world. This PSVR 2 port enhances these elements, leveraging the platform’s capabilities to amplify the sensory experience.

In our initial review on the Quest platform in 2021, the game earned a commendable 4 out of 5 stars, where we highlighted its captivating visual palette and the enchanting ambiance it creates.

Availability and Future Prospects

Set to launch this fall on PSVR 2, “Mare” is currently available on both Quest and Steam platforms. The introduction of optional eye tracking only controls in the PSVR 2 version is anticipated to attract a new wave of enthusiasts eager to experience this unique blend of narrative and technology.


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