Facebook developing a smart speaker similar to Amazon Echo with 15-inch display

According to the latest report from Taiwanese based tech site DigiTimes, the Facebook is in the process of developing a smart speaker which is quite similar to Google Home, Apple HomePod, and Amazon Echo. The report suggests that the smart speaker is going to be equipped with a magnesium-aluminium-alloy chassis and a 15-inch touchscreen display which is going to be supplied by LG using in-cell technology. The smart speaker aesthetics is designed by the Facebook team itself, in the company’s Building 8 department.

The reports also state that the device is already under production at Pegatron’s plants in China and the Pegatron has already taken huge orders from Apple for iPhone production, Surface and Xbox One orders from Microsoft. Notably, the Pegatron is a Taiwanese based electronic manufacturing company which indulge in the development of computing, communications and consumer electronics to branded vendors.


The smart speaker market size is expected to surpass USD 13 billion marks with shipment over 100 million unit by 2024. A rise in demand for Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to fuel the smart speaker market growth, and it is very likely that the market will grow at a significant pace in the upcoming months.

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