Facebook to unveil a full-fledged ecosystem at F8 Annual Developer Conference?

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is predicted to become a full-fledged ecosystem. An independent research agency Edison recently said that Facebook is building a full-fledged ecosystem ahead of the upcoming Facebook’s annual developer conference that is scheduled this year for 12th April – 13th April.

According to Edison analyst Richard Windsor, Facebook will come up with an open messaging platform to allow publishers to distribute their content. Moreover, developers will have access to the platform to perform other functions on the messaging platform.

With games such as LINE and KakaoTalk have already used Facebook’s messaging platform for creating compelling multiplayer gaming environments, opening the platform to publishers would help Facebook to accelerate its strategy to add both media consumption and gaming to its Digital Life services product pipeline.

Edison predicts that here will be a substantial increase in the number of users who spend their time on smartphones and other portable devices. Hence, there is a growing need to have something beyond just social networking and instant messaging.

Facebook is currently working on to remove dependencies and want to create products, entirely on its own and should not depend on even Google for updates. As of now, the majority of Android apps are reliant on Google Play for updates and generating notifications.

According to Edison, Facebook is looking forward to building a fully-fledged ecosystem, which will have the capability to target 1.5 billion users with an overall digital share of 80 percent.

Even though Facebook has a long way to go, Edison predicts revenue of over $40 billion by Q2 2016 compared to $17 billion is 2015. However, the agency further states that the new addition to gaming and media consumption will not be sufficient enough for Facebook to grow at a higher scale.

Before Facebook introduces its new range of services, it needs a sharp correction in the valuation of the stock which will serve as an entry point for value-added products in the future.

Meanwhile, Edison prefers Samsung and Microsoft including Apple as a reasonably safe place to park capital as far as long term growth is concerned.

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