Home News Google and OnePlus to Launch Gemini Ultra AI Model on Smartphones

Google and OnePlus to Launch Gemini Ultra AI Model on Smartphones

Google and OnePlus to Launch Gemini Ultra AI Model on Smartphones

OPPO and OnePlus have officially announced a partnership with Google to incorporate the Gemini 1.0 Ultra AI model into their smartphone lines. This collaboration aims to introduce innovative AI features to smartphone users worldwide, starting later this year. Announced at Google Cloud Next ’24, this initiative marks a significant step in mobile technology, enabling advanced AI capabilities directly from users’ devices.

Key Highlights:

  • Google’s Gemini 1.0 Ultra AI model to be integrated into OPPO and OnePlus devices.
  • Over 10 million users in China already using Generative AI models on OPPO and OnePlus smartphones.
  • Four foundational pillars identified for AI on smartphones: efficient resource utilization, self-learning, real-world perception, and enhanced creativity.
  • Launch of AI Eraser feature, enhancing mobile photo editing by removing unwanted objects seamlessly.

AI Integration Roadmap

OPPO and OnePlus’s latest endeavor with Google will integrate both Gemini and Google Cloud AI into their smartphones, enhancing how users engage with their devices. Nicole Zhang, General Manager of AI Product at OPPO and OnePlus, highlighted the rollout of multiple Generative AI models, already accessible to over ten million users of devices like the OPPO Find X7 and OnePlus 12. “By forming alliances with industry pioneers, we aim to expand the mobile AI landscape,” Zhang stated.

Core Principles for Mobile AI

During the event, Nicole outlined four essential characteristics for AI in mobile technology: effective resource use, self-learning abilities, real-world interaction, and user creativity stimulation. These pillars are designed to guide the development of AI features that are not only innovative but also practical for everyday use.

Launching New AI Features

One of the first AI-driven tools, AI Eraser, has already been introduced to a select group of beta testers. This feature allows users to effortlessly remove imperfections from photos, offering an advanced editing tool directly within their gallery. The AI analyzes the selected area and crafts a matching background, enhancing the overall image quality.

Looking ahead, OPPO and OnePlus are set to incorporate additional Google Cloud AI products into their future releases. This will enable smartphones to handle tasks like summarizing text and audio, and creating new content for social media platforms, further integrating AI into the daily digital experience.

Pioneering Future Technologies

OPPO and OnePlus continue to be at the forefront of mobile technology innovation. With plans to introduce over one hundred AI-generated content (AIGC) experiences in the next three to five years, the companies are focusing on delivering user-centric solutions that enhance the usability and functionality of their devices.

This partnership between Google, OPPO, and OnePlus not only promises to enrich the mobile experience but also sets a new standard in the integration of AI technology within the smartphone industry.


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