Google celebrates Labor Day with a dedicated Doodle

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has created a dedicated Doodle to honor the International Labor Day celebrations. The doodle is uploaded on the homepage of Google and shows a pair of gloves, a clamp, a wrench, insulating tape rolls and a measuring tape, the things used by the working class. May 1 is celebrated as International Labor Day in India and across many other countries.

However, in many other countries such as the United States Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of every September.

The Labor Day Google Doodle is being shown across four continents across the globe, especially in those countries where it is celebrated. In most of the countries, the day is celebrated with parades, speeches, and rallies. In India, International Labor Day is a public holiday. It was first celebrated in India on May 1, 1923 by the Labor Kisan Party of Hindustan down South in the city of Chennai.

France first drew the attention towards the plight of the workers. However, even before that, there was quite a tussle among employees for basic rights in Haymarket, Chicago on May 4, 1886. The incidence in Chicago killed 11 people in all, out of which 7 were policemen.

The French Sculptor and designer, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, sent the Statue of Liberty -the icon of freedom in the USA. It was the next giant step that drew the attention of the world towards the problems of the workers.

Fight About Restricting Working Hours

From then on, a day was fixed to mark the efforts of the labors of the world. Instead of taking the date of the Haymarket murders, May 1, was selected the date for celebrating Labor Day. The labors have fought several fights for getting their dues and making the employees and the governments realize the needs of the workers.

One of the major fights was about restricting the working hours and days and making weekly off a part of the regular employment feature.

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