Google Launches Find My Device Network for Misplaced Items

Google Launches Find My Device Network for Misplaced Items
Google upgrades Find My Device to locate lost Android devices, even offline. Network coming soon for misplaced items with Bluetooth trackers.

Google has expanded its Find My Device service, transforming it into a vast network to help users locate misplaced belongings. The updated system leverages a global network of Android devices, enabling the location of lost smartphones, tablets, and soon, even everyday items like wallets and keys using Bluetooth trackers.

This new functionality builds upon the existing Find My Device feature, which was previously limited to locating devices with an active internet connection. The new crowdsourced network significantly boosts its capabilities; Android devices running Android 9 or later will now discreetly participate, sending encrypted location updates if they detect a missing device nearby.

Google’s network rollout means your smartphone or tablet can be located even while offline, significantly increasing the chances of recovery. To enhance privacy and prevent misuse, all communication within the Find My Device network uses strong encryption, keeping location data hidden from Google and other users.

The company has confirmed plans to expand the network’s potential beyond just Google devices. In the coming months, users will be able to attach compatible Bluetooth trackers to belongings like backpacks, purses, or even bicycles. When these items go astray, the vast Android network will aid in the search.

While similar offerings from Apple (Find My) and Tile already exist, Google’s entry promises unique advantages. The sheer number of Android devices worldwide will likely outperform the competition in terms of tracking reach, especially in less populated areas where other networks may be sparse. Additionally, features like pinpointing missing devices based on proximity to Nest smart home devices could help locate items lost within your home.

Google’s Find My Device network launch brings greater peace of mind for Android users with a habit of misplacing things. The company anticipates a global rollout soon, with an initial release focused on devices in the U.S. and Canada.


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