Google One VPN Discontinued, Pixel VPN Upgrades Announced

Google One VPN Discontinued, Pixel VPN Upgrades Announced
Learn about the discontinuation of Google One VPN and upcoming upgrades to the Google Pixel VPN service, focusing on enhanced security and privacy features.

Google has decided to discontinue its VPN service offered through the Google One subscription, while simultaneously announcing upgrades to the Pixel-exclusive VPN service. This strategic shift refocuses Google’s approach to providing VPN services specifically through its Pixel hardware line, maintaining an enhanced privacy tool for its smartphone users.

The discontinuation of the Google One VPN aligns with a broader simplification of services Google has been implementing. Users of Google One, previously privy to VPN services as a part of their subscription, will no longer have this feature included. Meanwhile, Google is enhancing the existing VPN service available on Pixel devices. This upgraded service is designed to offer robust security features, ensuring that Pixel users maintain protected internet access without compromise.

The Google One VPN, initially introduced as an added privacy measure for users on premium storage plans, will no longer be available. This VPN feature allowed users to secure their online activities by encrypting their internet traffic, effectively hiding their IP addresses from websites and network providers, which included ISPs and public WiFi operators. The discontinuation of this service is slated to take effect soon, although existing users can continue to access the service until their subscription period ends.

Meanwhile, the Pixel VPN, which is integrated into Pixel devices starting from the Pixel 7 series, will not only remain operational but is also set to receive significant upgrades. These improvements aim to enhance security and user interface, ensuring that Pixel users continue to enjoy robust online protection directly through their devices. This move can be seen as part of Google’s broader strategy to integrate more exclusive features into its hardware ecosystem, thus adding value to its line of smartphones.

Google’s VPN services have generally included features such as encrypted internet tunnels and no-logging of detailed user data, ensuring user activity remains private. Despite these features, the VPN provided by Google One has been critiqued for lacking in certain areas such as speed and the breadth of features compared to dedicated VPN providers​​.

For existing Google One users utilizing the VPN service, this discontinuation may prompt a search for alternative VPN solutions. Conversely, the commitment to enhancing Pixel VPN could make Google’s own features more appealing to privacy-conscious consumers, looking for integrated solutions within their devices.

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