Google’s Latest Move: Smartwatches Could Soon Control Your Phone’s Audio Output

Google's Latest Move
Get ready for seamless audio control! Google may soon let you manage your phone's sound output directly from your smartwatch.

Recent activity within Google’s software development suggests a convenient new feature may be headed to Android users. Reports indicate the company is working to give smartwatches direct control over smartphone audio output settings. This could forever change the way we interact with our audio on the go.

What Does This Mean?

Currently, changing where your phone plays audio (speakers, Bluetooth headphones, etc.) requires a few taps on the device itself. Google’s reported “media routing control” could give companion smartwatch apps the power to manage this process. Want to seamlessly transfer your podcast from your phone’s speaker to your wireless earbuds? A tap on your watch could be all it takes.

The Tech Behind the Change

Google is developing this functionality as a new app permission within the Android operating system. The permission would let individual apps determine where audio plays. This extends to smartwatch companion apps, giving your favorite watch the potential to act as an audio command center.

How It Could Revolutionize Audio

Imagine being able to switch playback sources for music, podcasts, audiobooks, or even videos without ever touching your phone. The convenience extends beyond switching devices. Smartwatches could offer easier volume control or even let you manage the audio playing on your phone from another room.

When Will We See It?

There’s no official release date from Google. Development of the “media routing control” feature appears to be in its early stages. However, given its potential convenience, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a formal announcement and rollout sometime in the next year or two.

Staying Updated

As with all developing tech, there’s potential for changes or even delays in release. Technology websites and blogs will remain the best source of up-to-date information on Google’s progress with this feature.

Additional Notes

Since this development relies on apps having the proper permissions, the functionality will likely vary from one smartwatch brand to another. This means compatibility and ease of use could change from watch to watch.

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