Google’s Wear OS Adds School Time Feature to Keep Kids Focused

Google Wear OS Introduces 'School Time' Mode, Enhancing Parental Control and Child Focus
Discover how Google's new 'School Time' feature on Wear AOS helps kids focus by limiting smartwatch functionality during school hours, similar to Apple Watch.

Google has rolled out a significant update to its Wear OS, introducing the ‘School Time’ feature that aims to help kids focus during school hours by limiting smartwatch functionality. This move mirrors a similar feature from Apple Watch, reflecting a growing trend in tech solutions for managing the digital experiences of younger users.

Understanding ‘School Effect’ Mode in Wear OS

The ‘School Time’ feature on Wear OS allows parents to manage which functions are available on their child’s smartwatch during school hours. This mode restricts access to games and apps while leaving essential features like calls from specific contacts and emergency functionalities accessible. The purpose is to minimize distractions and ensure that technology usage during school hours is educational and safe​.

Parental Controls and Customization

Parents can activate ‘School Time’ directly from their connected device, making it easy to ensure that their children are not distracted during school. The feature also includes customization options, allowing parents to tailor the restrictions based on their child’s daily schedule and specific needs​​.

Comparison with Apple’s Approach

Similar to Apple’s ‘Schooltime’ mode introduced in previous versions of the Apple Watch, Google’s implementation focuses on aiding concentration and minimizing interruptions. Both companies emphasize the importance of technology that supports educational environments by helping children stay focused​.

Broader Implications for Technology in Education

The introduction of ‘School Time’ by Google highlights the evolving role of technology in education and child development. By providing tools that promote concentration and minimize disruptions, tech companies are acknowledging their part in fostering healthier digital habits among the youngest users​​.


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