Greatify Announces Rebranding and Launches New Educational Tools at DIDAC India 2023

Greatify Announces Rebranding and Launches New Educational Tools at DIDAC India 2023

Teachze has officially rebranded as during its participation in DIDAC India 2023, India’s premier Edtech event. The move follows the merger of Teachze and Heycampus, uniting the products and services of both entities under the Greatify umbrella. The company’s objective is to streamline the move towards paperless, data-driven education and consolidate services, reducing the need for institutions to work with various service providers.

Key Highlights:

  • Teachze rebrands as after its merger with Heycampus.
  • Unveils ‘Greatify Paperless Exams’ and a placement management solution for universities at DIDAC India 2023.
  • The company’s offerings are showcased at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Booth Number: D15 & D16.
  • Introduction of several products like ExamX, PlaceX, ManageX, LearnX, TeachX, MarketX, and ServiceX.
  • Plans to expand to regions like the Middle East and Africa, with a prospective office in Dubai.

Greatify Announces Rebranding and Launches New Educational Tools at DIDAC India 2023

Mr. Dinesh Kumar, CEO & CTO of Greatify, remarked, “The merger of Teachze and HeyCampus into Greatify is a significant step in our mission to reshape the educational sector. By uniting our strengths, we aim to provide a comprehensive platform for educators and students. Our objective is to address the evolving challenges in education and further the digital transition essential for the future of learning.”

At DIDAC India 2023, along with the announcement of its rebranding, Greatify introduced several innovative products:

  • Greatify Paperless Exams ‘ExamX’: A solution for conducting digital exams on tablets, ensuring secure and efficient exam processes.
  • Greatify Placements ‘PlaceX’: A platform streamlining campus placements, linking students with national employers, and offering profile verification systems.
  • Greatify ERP ‘ManageX’: A software covering a wide range of educational institution needs, from lead management to student information.
  • Greatify Learning Management System (LMS) ‘LearnX’: A platform digitizing academic delivery with various modules including content delivery and exam management.
  • Greatify Learning ‘TeachX’: Provides online STEM and Cambridge classes and training for both educators and students.
  • Greatify Marketplace ‘MarketX’: A platform to discover and access educational resources.
  • Greatify Services ‘ServiceX’: Offers consultancy for educational institutions, facilitating digital transformation, and IT optimization for classrooms.

Mr. Kumar, speaking about the event, added, “DIDAC India 2023 allows us to introduce new products and display our latest education solutions. Our aim is to provide a holistic solution for every module within the educational system. With an emphasis on innovation, we plan to extend our services beyond India, targeting regions like the Middle East and Africa.”

Greatify also intends to collaborate with vendors, allowing them a platform to connect with schools and users associated with the company. The aim is to foster a digital-first, data-driven educational environment.

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