Home News Hands-On with Chipolo’s Bluetooth Trackers for Google Find My Device

Hands-On with Chipolo’s Bluetooth Trackers for Google Find My Device

Hands-On with Chipolo's Bluetooth Trackers for Google Find My Device

Chipolo has recently announced the launch of its latest Bluetooth trackers, the Chipolo ONE Point and CARD Point, specifically designed for Google’s new Find My Device network. These new trackers aim to enhance the item-tracking experience for Android users, bringing a robust and user-friendly solution to the market.

Key Features and Specifications

The Chipolo ONE Point and CARD Point trackers offer several features tailored to meet the needs of those who frequently misplace their belongings. Here’s what you need to know about these new devices:

  1. Loud Ringing Sound: The Chipolo ONE Point features a loud 120dB ring, while the CARD Point emits a 105dB sound. This makes it easier to locate items even if they are buried deep within bags or under piles of clothes.
  2. Battery Life: The ONE Point tracker boasts a one-year battery life with a replaceable battery (CR 2032), whereas the CARD Point has a two-year battery life and comes with a renewal program.
  3. Water Resistance: Both trackers are splash-proof with an IPX5 rating, ensuring they can withstand rain and minor water exposure.
  4. Design and Compatibility: The ONE Point is designed to fit directly onto keyrings, while the CARD Point’s thin design is perfect for wallets and passports. These trackers are exclusively compatible with Android devices running Android 9 or later with Google Play Services installed.

Enhanced Finding Experience

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Chipolo’s integration with Google’s Find My Device network significantly improves the process of locating lost items. Users can leverage Google’s extensive network of Android devices to pinpoint their belongings’ location on a map. The “ring to find” feature allows users to make their tracker emit a sound, helping them locate items quickly when they are nearby.

Easy Setup with Google’s Fast Pair

Setting up these trackers is seamless, thanks to Google’s Fast Pair technology. Users simply need to press the button on their Chipolo device, and a prompt will appear on their Android device to guide them through the setup process.

Security and Sharing Features

The new Chipolo trackers also support unwanted location tracking alerts, providing an added layer of security. This feature ensures users are notified if an unknown tracker is detected following them. Additionally, users can share their Chipolo devices with family and friends, allowing multiple people to keep an eye on important items.

Availability and Pricing

The Chipolo ONE Point and CARD Point trackers are available for pre-order on Chipolo’s website, with shipments starting on May 27, 2024. These devices will also be available on Amazon and select retail stores beginning in July.

Chipolo’s new Bluetooth trackers for Google’s Find My Device network are set to provide Android users with a reliable and efficient way to keep track of their items. With features like loud ringing sounds, long battery life, water resistance, and seamless integration with Google’s extensive network, these trackers are poised to become essential tools for those who frequently lose their belongings.

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