Hidden things you must know before buying JioPhone

Reliance Digital has launched the JioPhone in India, and it is the cheapest 4G VoLTE based feature phone that packs a lot of features and services that a common user would want. The device is priced at Rs. 0 effectively, however, users still have to pay Rs. 1500 up front though that will be refunded to the user after three years on returning the device. Here is the list of things that you should know before buying the JioPhone in India.
  • No WhatsApp support: Although the JioPhone comes pre-installed with a broad range of apps like the JioMusic, JioMovie, JioTv, Mann Ki Baat, Facebook, there is no support for WhatsApp at the moment. May the support for WhatsApp could be available in the future like it was for other apps. However, company’s very own JioChat app comes pre-installed, so Jio has a chance in reaching an audience that hasn’t adopted WhatsApp already
  • Testing of JioPhone starts on August 15th: Reliance will start testing the JioPhone from August 15th in various cities in India, but the pre-bookings for the general public will begin on August 24th and will be available from September. Users who wish to pre-book the JioPhone need to head to Jio Retail Store with required documents.
  • Data Limit: Though at the announcement, Mr.Ambani has mentioned unlimited data, there is a catch for that. A FUP of 500MB will be set per day with 4G speed and post the FUP; the speed will fall to 128kbps. So, it’s unlimited, but technically with a restriction.
  • JioPhone TV Pack: Jio has also announced the Jio Phone TV-Cable, which is an accessory that will enable JioPhone customers to stream Jio movies, Jio music, Jio live TV  – on their TV. If users wish to opt this, they will have to pay Rs. 309 per month to get the benefits of the monthly plan and the streaming functionality for about 3-4 hours daily.
  • NFC Support: NFC support for JioPhone is expected to land later this year via software update. This feature will enable users to save their credit/debit card, bank, Jan Aadhar accounts details to tap and pay.
  • Effectively Free: Though the JioPhone is priced at Rs. 0, users have to pay Rs. 1500 at the time of buying the device. The same 1,500 will be returned to the user after 36 months or 3 years given the user returns his/her JioPhone back to Reliance. So it’s technically free.

These were the things that you should know before jumping in buying the JioPhone. At Rs. 1,500 the JioPhone sure seems like a knock out from Reliance, and it might inevitably disrupt the market yet again.

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