HMD Global Positions India as the Production and Export Hub for Mobile Phones

HMD Global
HMD Global gears up to make India its production and export hub for mobile phones, leveraging significant investments and favorable government policies for manufacturing expansion.

HMD Global, known for reviving the Nokia brand, is pivoting its operational strategy to make India a central hub for the production and global distribution of its mobile phones. This strategic move comes as the company aims to capitalize on India’s robust manufacturing capabilities and favorable government policies.

Investment and Collaboration to Boost Local Production

The decision to turn India into a key production and export hub is backed by substantial investments and collaborations. HMD Global has recently secured significant funding from major tech giants like Google and Qualcomm, amounting to $230 million, aimed at expanding its manufacturing footprint in India​​. This infusion of capital is earmarked for ramping up production capacities in collaboration with local contract manufacturers, which not only benefits HMD but also supports the broader ecosystem of Indian suppliers and businesses.

Government Policies Play a Pivotal Role

India’s Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme is a cornerstone of this strategy, offering incentives to electronics manufacturers that commit to certain production targets. This has made the country an attractive destination for mobile phone manufacturers globally, with HMD Global planning to leverage these benefits to enhance its production capabilities and meet export goals​​.

Launch of HMD-Branded Devices

In a significant shift, HMD Global is not only focusing on Nokia phones but is also set to launch smartphones under its own brand. These devices, expected to be introduced in the market by mid-2024, will include a range of smartphones, feature phones, tablets, wearables, and hearables. This expansion is planned to commence with the Indian market before reaching global consumers​.

Expanding Export Footprint

With an established base in India for over three years and partnerships with local giants like Foxconn, Dixon Technologies, and Lava International, HMD Global is well-positioned to enhance its export capabilities. The company has already begun exporting the Nokia 105 feature phone to African markets and plans to broaden its reach to other regions. The move is seen as a testament to HMD Global’s commitment to making India an export hub, leveraging the country’s growing prowess in manufacturing and global trade​.

HMD Global’s strategic pivot to India underscores the country’s rising importance in the global electronics manufacturing and export landscape. By tapping into local talent, regulatory benefits, and robust infrastructure, HMD Global aims to strengthen its market position while contributing to the growth of India’s economy. This development is poised to not only reshape the company’s operational dynamics but also enhance India’s status as a key player in the global mobile manufacturing industry.

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