HMD Global Set to Launch Its First Non-Nokia Smartphone in India: What We Know

HMD Global Set to Launch Its First Non-Nokia Smartphone in India
HMD Global to launch its first non-Nokia smartphones in India soon. Learn about the new HMD Pulse and Vibe models, their specs, software updates, and expected market impact.

HMD Global, the Finnish company known for reviving the Nokia brand, is making a bold move by introducing its first-ever smartphones without the Nokia branding. This strategic shift marks a new chapter for the company, which has been synonymous with Nokia phones since it acquired the rights to the brand in 2016. Here’s what we know about the upcoming launch and what it means for the Indian market.

The New HMD Lineup

HMD Global is set to debut several new smartphones under its own branding. The primary models announced include the HMD Pulse and Pulse+, along with a variant called the HMD Vibe for the U.S. market. These smartphones are designed to compete in the budget segment, offering decent specifications at competitive prices.

  • HMD Pulse and Pulse+: Both models share similar internal specifications, featuring options for 4GB or 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. They come equipped with a 13MP rear camera and support 10W wired charging, but lack wireless charging capabilities​​.
  • HMD Vibe: This is essentially a rebadged version of the Pulse tailored for the U.S. market. It is priced at $145 for the unlocked version and includes a Snapdragon 680 processor, a 4000 mAh battery, and a single variant with 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, expandable via microSD card.

Software and Updates

All the new HMD smartphones will run on Android 14, with a promise of two years of major Android updates and three years of security updates. This commitment to software support aims to provide a secure and up-to-date user experience, although HMD Global’s track record with timely updates on Nokia-branded phones has been mixed​​.

India Launch

While HMD Global has not officially announced the India launch date for these new smartphones, the company’s recent activities suggest an imminent release. HMD has been strengthening its manufacturing capabilities in India through partnerships with companies like Foxconn, Dixon, and Lava. Additionally, the company has recently entered into a partnership with the IPL team Rajasthan Royals, further indicating its focus on the Indian market​​.

Strategic Implications

The move to launch self-branded smartphones signifies HMD Global’s ambition to establish its own identity separate from Nokia. By entering the budget smartphone segment with competitively priced devices, HMD Global aims to carve out a niche for itself and expand its market presence. This strategic pivot is being closely watched by industry analysts and consumers alike, as it represents a significant shift in the company’s business strategy​​.

HMD Global’s first non-Nokia smartphones are poised to make a notable entry into the market, with the Indian launch expected soon. These budget-friendly devices, coupled with a strong commitment to software updates, reflect HMD Global’s efforts to redefine its brand and appeal to a broader audience. As the company embarks on this new journey, the impact of its strategic shift will be critical to its success in the competitive smartphone market.

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