Huge solar flares and giant sunspots indicate unexpected space weather for the Earth

The Sun is having a thrilling time now-days. After the total solar eclipse and the colorful solar storm lights, the people of the Earth get yet another chance to witness some more drama happening inside the Sun. What you have to do is just to wear your solar viewing glass and look up at the sun. You will be able to visualize two dark spots or areas on the Sun. These massive dark sunspots are areas of complicated and intense magnetic fields that can create solar flares (burst of high energy).

Although you can view these spots through your solar viewing glasses, you can get a clearer view of those large spots through a solar telescope. The two huge sunspots have given rise to a lot of amazement and interest among the scientists as well as astronomers. The solar storms that these huge spots have sent towards earth are believed to be larger in intensity and can cause disruption of communication technologies like radio signals and GPS. The space weather scientists said that they did not expect so much of activity from the sun at this point of time and are excited about it.

The sun undergoes 11-year cycles of solar activity, and the solar maximum is the time in the cycle when the Sun radiates out maximum energy, and this is the time we get to witness those sunspots, solar flares as well as solar storms. And currently, the sun is heading towards the bottom of its solar minimum which indicates that there would be fewer sunspots and the solar flares and coronal mass ejections would be of lower intensities. But astonishingly, the Sun has become more active during its dormant period, and hence we are witnessing solar storms as well as these two sunspots which have been giving out flares and shooting out coronal mass ejections towards our planet.

All these unexpected solar activities have already resulted in a couple of radiation storms in Earth’s high latitude regions that blacked out radio communication of high frequencies. Many scientists and aurora-hunting enthusiasts are carefully observing the storm’s ongoing activities and effects. They have informed that there is no threat to earth due to these coronal mass ejections but at the same time we should not ignore its abnormal activities that are taking place currently and also we should intensify our analysis and research regarding those sunspots, solar storms, solar flares and all those unexpected dramas happening inside the sun.

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