iMac 2016 release date, rumors, specifications: Coming in October with new MacBook Air and Pro

If rumors are to be believed, iMac 2016 will be released before the end of October 2016. This is because the current lineup of iMac seems to have exceeded the upgrade time frame.

According to reports from rumor mills, the iMac 2016 will be released with major changes. However, there are few sources which state that there is no scope for any upgrades. We infer that Apple will ditch the traditional headphone jack like they did with iPhone 7.

There are reports the silence of the Cupertino-based tech giant over the rumored release of the upcoming MacBook Pro and MacBook Air can be attributed to the arrival of iMac.

iMac 2016: 21.5-inch 4K Retina display

The iMac 2016 is expected to feature a 21.5-inch 4K retina display with a massive resolution of 5120 x 2800 pixels. On the internals front, you can expect a powerful Skylake processor running at a clock speed of 4GHz, 8GB RAM alongside 2TB fusion drive.

While there are talks about the 21.5-inch models, there are sources which report that Apple will also release a 27-inch model. However, the 21.5-inch model will be the higher model with excellent specifications. The larger iMac 2016 will be oriented for music production houses.

iMac 2016: Possibility of an AMD graphics card

The main attraction of the rumored iMac 2016 will be the addition of an AMD dedicated graphics. Moreover, the design of iMac 2016 will be polished and will have an ultra-thin look. You can expect the addition of 4 USB 3.0 ports coupled with a lightning port connector.

iMac 2016 will likely feature Intel Kaby Lake

We can’t rule out the possibility of Intel Kaby Lake processor since Intel has already handed over the chips to OEMs. If Intel Kaby Lake is integrated, you can expect enhanced efficiency and cooler operations in a fanless environment.

Some of the other features of the rumored iMac 2016 will be support for Virtual Reality, fusion drive storage for improved read and writes. The iMac 2016 will be priced higher than MacBook Air due to various new features.

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