imoo Z7 Launches in India, Elevating Child Safety and Health Monitoring

imoo Z7 Launches in India, Elevating Child Safety and Health Monitoring
Discover the imoo Z7, the latest health watchphone for kids, enhancing child safety and health monitoring. Available now in India for stress-free parenting.

imoo has introduced the imoo Z7 to the Indian market, a health watchphone designed for children. The Z7 aims to combine wellness, safety, and connectivity features to assist parents in monitoring and supporting their child’s well-being and security. With a price tag of ₹14,990, the Z7 is presented as a suitable first phone option for parents looking to ensure their children’s safety and health.

Key Features:

  • Health monitoring with PPG, temperature, and heart rate tracking.
  • HD video calling and precise location tracking with a 14-day history.
  • Activity monitoring, swimming mode, and AI learning scanner.
  • Dual-use camera, stranger call rejection, and class mode.
  • Chat features for staying connected with family.
  • Available in blue and pink, offering style and personalization.

Integrated Health and Safety Features

The imoo Z7 offers health monitoring through PPG technology, allowing for continuous temperature and heart rate tracking. An AI-intelligent mood recognition algorithm aims to provide a comprehensive overview of a child’s physical and emotional health. The device also features HD video calling with safety enhancements and location tracking capabilities, offering parents peace of mind.

Supporting an Active and Connected Lifestyle

Designed to encourage physical activity, the Z7 includes features such as activity monitoring and a swimming mode. The device comes with an AI scanner to promote continuous learning and development. Its dual camera setup is designed for capturing moments, and it includes functionality to reject calls from unknown numbers and a class mode to minimize distractions during school hours.

Design and Connectivity

Highlighting its design, the imoo Z7 offers a sleek look and is available in appealing color options of blue and pink, making it an attractive accessory for children. It provides various connectivity options, including chat and family chat features, facilitating the sharing of moments with family members.

Punit Yadav, Senior Manager at imoo India, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, emphasizing the device’s role in enhancing child safety and health monitoring. According to Yadav, the imoo Z7 represents a blend of freedom for children and reassurance for parents, suited to the needs of closely knit Indian families.

The imoo Z7 has undergone extensive testing, ensuring its reliability and durability. It is available for purchase online on,, FirstCry, Flipkart, and offline through imoo and FirstCry stores.

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