India Embraces Smart Lock Screen Content: Glance Report Highlights

India Embraces Smart Lock Screen Content Glance Report Highlights

India is witnessing a remarkable shift in digital content consumption, as outlined by the Glance Smart Lock Screen Trends Report India 2024. With over 235 million active users engaging with trending content and experiences on their Smart Lock Screens, the report unveils significant trends that are shaping the way content is consumed in the country. This move towards ‘glancing’ represents a fresh approach to discovering personalized content, addressing challenges like information overload and app fatigue, and indicating a growing preference for content in regional languages over English.

India Embraces Smart Lock Screen Content Glance Report Highlights

Key Highlights:

  • The report documents a surge in LIVE content consumption directly from Smart Lock Screens, challenging traditional mediums like television.
  • National News, Sports, and Entertainment emerge as the top content categories among users.
  • Content in regional languages sees nearly double the engagement compared to English, indicating a strong preference for localized content.
  • Live updates and exclusive content for major sporting and entertainment events attract millions of daily active users.
  • The demographic spread shows a significant user base in tier-1 cities, with a growing interest in tier-II and III cities as well.

In a notable shift towards digital content consumption, Glance has released its Glance Smart Lock Screen Trends Report India 2024, highlighting the changing preferences among Indian users. The platform, with 235 million active users, demonstrates a new way of discovering personalized content and experiences directly from the Smart Lock Screen. This trend counters traditional app-based browsing and provides a solution to information overload and app fatigue by presenting content in a more accessible and personalized manner.

The report identifies a significant rise in LIVE content consumption on Smart Lock Screens, showcasing a departure from traditional television viewing. Events like the IPL, Cricket World Cup, FIFA WC Qualifiers, Men’s Kabaddi, and Women’s cricket have seen real-time updates delivered directly to users’ lock screens, with some events attracting up to 3.5 million daily active users. Furthermore, the platform has been a source of exclusive content and live shows for major entertainment events, exemplified by the 6 billion glances generated throughout Bigg Boss Season 17.

Another key finding is the preference for content in regional languages, which garnered nearly 550 million daily glances. This indicates a clear demand for personalized linguistic experiences, with regional language content receiving nearly twice the engagement of English content. The report also notes that national news, sports, and entertainment are the most consumed content categories, reflecting the interests of Indian users in current events and leisure activities.

India Embraces Smart Lock Screen Content Glance Report Highlights

In terms of user demographics, a notable 55% of content consumption originates from tier-1 cities, with a significant portion also coming from tier-II and III cities. The age demographic shows a predominance of younger users, particularly those 24 and below, highlighting the appeal of Smart Lock Screen content among India’s youth. Furthermore, the gender distribution shows a higher inclination towards male users in content consumption on these platforms.

Bikash Chowdhury, Chief Marketing Officer of Glance, emphasized the platform’s role in capturing distinctive user habits and providing intuitive experiences that resonate with users’ preferences. The platform not only serves as a medium for content discovery but also empowers advertisers, brands, and developers by offering a unique engagement opportunity on the lock screen surface.

The shift towards mobile-first consumer interactions is also echoed by Vasuta Agarwal, Chief Business Officer of InMobi Group, who points out the lock screen’s growing importance as a dynamic platform for brand engagement. Glance’s approach, offering an AI-driven content delivery system across various categories directly on Android lock screens, aims to simplify content access and enhance user experience without the need for multiple apps or unlocking the phone.

This trend reflects a broader change in digital content consumption, with Glance at the forefront of offering easy, relevant, and personalized content experiences to a vast user base in India and beyond.

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