Home News India’s First Modified Old-Gen Toyota Innova Sports Polarizing Alphard Kit

India’s First Modified Old-Gen Toyota Innova Sports Polarizing Alphard Kit

India's First Modified Old-Gen Toyota Innova Sports Polarizing Alphard Kit

A modified Toyota Innova Crysta from the previous generation has recently emerged, showcasing a striking Alphard body kit. While this modification is not the first of its kind in India, it is a rare sight on older Innova models. The vehicle, featured on Autorounders’ Youtube channel, has garnered mixed reactions from automotive enthusiasts.

The Alphard Kit: A Bold Transformation

The Innova Crysta in question has undergone a significant makeover with the Alphard kit. This comprehensive body kit includes a redesigned front bumper with a large grille, giving it a resemblance to the luxurious Toyota Alphard MPV. The rear bumper has also been replaced, along with the addition of new side skirts. While these changes aim to enhance the Innova’s aesthetics, the outcome has been divisive among viewers.

Mixed Reactions from Enthusiasts

Online comments on the video reveal a spectrum of opinions regarding this modified Innova Crysta. Some viewers appreciate the attempt to elevate the Innova’s appearance, while others find the result to be overly flamboyant and not in line with the vehicle’s original character. The extensive use of chrome elements in the Alphard kit is a particular point of contention.

A Trend in Modification

Modifying vehicles with body kits inspired by higher-end models is not uncommon in India. The Alphard kit has gained popularity among Innova owners seeking to add a touch of luxury to their MPVs. However, this specific instance involving an older Innova model has sparked a debate about the appropriateness of such modifications.

Whether this modified Innova Crysta with the Alphard kit is a successful transformation or an overdone attempt remains a matter of personal taste. While some admire the boldness of the modification, others find it excessive. Regardless of individual opinions, this Innova Crysta serves as a testament to the ongoing trend of vehicle customization in India and the diverse preferences of car enthusiasts.


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