inDrive Advances EV Integration in India for Enhanced Sustainability

inDrive Advances EV Integration in India for Enhanced Sustainability
Discover how inDrive is advancing electric vehicle integration in India, enhancing sustainability and providing economic benefits to drivers.

inDrive, a global mobility and urban services platform, is actively enhancing its efforts to integrate electric vehicles (EVs) into its services. The company is committed to promoting sustainable transportation and has implemented several initiatives aimed at increasing the use of EVs in its operations.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of a dedicated EV category, including cars, auto-rickshaws, and motorcycles.
  • Development of tools to better monitor and analyze the environmental impact of EVs.
  • Provision of incentives and benefits for EV drivers on the inDrive platform.
  • Significant growth in the number of EV rides and kilometers covered in 2023.

inDrive’s Commitment to EVs

inDrive is focusing on expanding the presence of electric vehicles in its fleet. This includes analyzing global EV trends and tailoring their integration to the Indian market. The company does not own a fleet but supports an infrastructure that facilitates equitable service agreements between passengers and drivers.

Semen Alekseev, Business Development & Operations Manager at ESG inDrive, stated, “Electric vehicles are gaining popularity across India. We are actively working to attract EV drivers by offering them visibility on our platform and providing financial incentives, such as discounts at charging stations and no service fees for initial trips.”

Enhancements to Support EV Usage

The platform has introduced specific product changes to better accommodate electric vehicles:

  • A new transport category specifically for EVs has been established.
  • Verification teams and unique identifiers like the “Electro” icon help users easily recognize EV options.
  • Implementation of blue EV markers on maps across multiple countries, including India, USA, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Brazil, and Laos.

2023 Milestones in EV Adoption

In 2023, inDrive achieved substantial growth in EV usage:

  • Over 1.2 million rides involving EVs.
  • EVs covered a total distance of 9.64 million kilometers.
  • The platform registered 5,195 EV drivers.
  • Significant growth in EV adoption was noted in India, Nepal, and Brazil.


inDrive continues to make strides in enhancing its sustainable transport initiatives, focusing on increasing the use of electric vehicles within its service offerings in India and beyond. This move is aimed at not only reducing environmental impact but also at providing economic benefits to its drivers and users.

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