Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Series Launch Offers Early Bird Incentives

Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Series Launch Offers Early Bird Incentives
Get the Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Series on April 12 with a special Early Bird offer including a free MAGKIT with power bank and case.

Infinix is set to launch the Note 40 Pro 5G Series on April 12, offering an Early Bird incentive to attract buyers. Customers who purchase the smartphone on the launch day will receive the MAGKIT, a charging accessory kit, as a bonus.

  • Launch Date: The Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Series will be available for purchase on April 12.
  • Early Bird Offer: Buyers will receive a MAGKIT valued at Rs. 4,999 with every purchase.
  • MAGKIT Contents: The kit includes a MagPower power bank with a 3,020mAh capacity and a MagCase cover.

Exclusive Early Bird Offer

Infinix announced an exclusive offer for the early buyers of its upcoming Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Series. The offer includes a complimentary MAGKIT, designed to enhance the charging capabilities of the new smartphone. The MAGKIT, valued at Rs. 4,999, consists of the Infinix MagPower power bank and a protective MagCase cover. This incentive is available only for purchases made on April 12.

Key Features and Benefits

The MAGKIT includes the Infinix MagPower power bank, which boasts a capacity of 3,020mAh. It also comes with a MagCase cover, further adding value to the initial purchase of the smartphone. This offer aims to attract customers looking for a high-quality mobile experience with additional benefits.

Customers interested in this offer are encouraged to act quickly on April 12, as the offer is available for a limited time and while stocks last.


Infinix’s launch of the Note 40 Pro 5G Series comes with a compelling Early Bird offer, providing significant added value to early purchasers. The included MAGKIT not only enhances the phone’s charging capabilities but also provides a protective case, making the offer more attractive to potential buyers.

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