Home News Inside Apple’s Efforts to Build a Better Recycling Robot

Inside Apple’s Efforts to Build a Better Recycling Robot

Inside Apple’s Efforts to Build a Better Recycling Robot

Apple has been at the forefront of sustainability and environmental responsibility, and one of the company’s key initiatives is its innovative recycling program. Central to this program are its advanced recycling robots, Daisy and Taz, designed to dismantle and recover valuable materials from used devices, significantly reducing the need for mining new resources.

Daisy: The Pioneering Recycling Robot

Introduced in 2018, Daisy is a highly sophisticated disassembly robot capable of processing 200 iPhones per hour. Daisy meticulously deconstructs iPhones to recover key components such as aluminum, cobalt, tin, and rare earth elements. This process not only allows Apple to reuse these materials in new products but also minimizes environmental impact by reducing electronic waste. Daisy represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, Liam, which was unveiled in 2016.

Taz: The Newest Addition

In 2021, Apple introduced Taz, a machine that employs a new approach to improve material recovery from electronic waste. Taz is designed to handle traditional electronics recycling, complementing Daisy’s specialized capabilities with iPhones. Taz’s innovative method allows for more efficient and effective extraction of recyclable materials, further advancing Apple’s goal of creating a closed-loop supply chain.

Environmental Impact and Achievements

Apple’s commitment to recycling has led to impressive results. In 2021, 59% of the aluminum used in Apple products came from recycled sources, and many products featured 100% recycled aluminum enclosures. Additionally, the use of recycled rare earth elements, tin, and cobalt has increased significantly, reducing the reliance on newly mined materials. Apple’s recycling robots are crucial in achieving these milestones, recovering materials that would otherwise be lost to landfills.

Broader Sustainability Efforts

Apple’s recycling efforts are part of a broader strategy to reduce its environmental footprint. The company aims to eliminate plastics from its packaging by 2025 and has already reduced plastic usage by 75% since 2015. Moreover, Apple has committed to using only renewable or recyclable materials in its products, a goal that drives continuous innovation in recycling technology and sustainable practices.

The Future of Recycling at Apple

As Apple continues to enhance its recycling capabilities, the company sets an industry-wide example of how technology and innovation can contribute to environmental sustainability. With robots like Daisy and Taz, Apple is not only addressing the immediate challenge of electronic waste but also paving the way for a more sustainable future.


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