iPhone 15 Now More Affordable in India: Massive Price Drop to Under ₹62,000

Apple‘s latest iPhone 15 has received a substantial price cut in the Indian market, now retailing for less than ₹62,000. This marks a significant decrease from its original launch price and makes it an enticing option for consumers looking for high-end smartphones at a more accessible price point.

Key Highlights:

  • iPhone 15’s price slashed to as low as ₹69,999 on Flipkart.
  • The 128GB model is now available at ₹66,999, a reduction of around ₹13,000 from the initial price.
  • Additional savings through bank offers and trade-in deals.
  • Exchange offers include up to ₹54,990 off for trading in old devices.
  • The iPhone 15 boasts of Dynamic Island, USB Type-C charging, improved camera, and an A16 bionic processor.

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Substantial Price Reduction

The iPhone 15, originally launched in September 2023 with a starting price of Rs 79,900, is now available for as low as ₹66,999 for the 128GB model on Flipkart. This price cut is part of a special discount offer, making the device significantly more affordable than its launch price.

Additional Savings Opportunities

Apart from the direct price reduction, additional savings can be availed through various bank offers and exchange deals. Customers can benefit from bank discounts and exchange their old smartphones for further reductions. For example, trading in an iPhone 14 Pro Max can provide a discount of ₹46,149, while an iPhone 12 can fetch a ₹20,850 discount.

iPhone 15: A Closer Look at Features

The iPhone 15 stands out with its Dynamic Island notch, a versatile feature that enhances user interaction with the device. It also adopts the widely used USB Type-C port, adding to its convenience factor. The camera system sees a significant upgrade with a 48-megapixel main sensor, capable of capturing detailed images and offering improved low-light performance. Additionally, the device is powered by the A16 bionic processor, ensuring faster and more efficient performance.

Unprecedented Price Drop

Initially launched at a price of ₹79,900, the iPhone 15’s price has been significantly reduced. On Flipkart, the 128GB model is now available for ₹66,999, which is a reduction of approximately ₹13,000 from the launch price. This price reduction applies to other models as well, with the 256GB and 512GB models priced at ₹76,999 and ₹96,999, respectively.

Maximizing Savings

In addition to the direct price cut, customers can avail of extra savings through various bank offers and exchange deals. For instance, there’s a ₹2,000 discount for payments made with certain bank cards, and impressive trade-in values are offered for older smartphones. For example, trading an iPhone 14 Pro Max can provide a hefty discount, substantially lowering the purchase price.

Impact on the Indian Market

This price reduction is expected to significantly boost iPhone 15 sales in India, a market where pricing plays a crucial role in consumer decisions. With its advanced features and reduced price, the iPhone 15 is now positioned as a highly attractive option for customers looking for premium smartphones without the hefty price tag.


The iPhone 15’s price cut in India positions it as a competitive option in the premium smartphone segment. With its advanced features, improved camera, and additional savings through bank offers and trade-ins, the iPhone 15 is now more accessible to a broader range of consumers in the Indian market.


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