iPhone 16 Pro CAD Renders Unveil New Design and Features

iPhone 16 Pro CAD Renders Unveil New Design and Features

The anticipation for Apple‘s iPhone 16 Pro series is already building up, with CAD renders providing a glimpse into what could be the next big thing in the smartphone industry.

Key highlights 

  • Larger displays for both iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max models
  • Possible introduction of the “iPhone 16 Ultra” with a roughly 6.9″ screen
  • The use of Grade 5 Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) for construction, continuing from the iPhone 15 Pro
  • A new “Silver” color option, marketed as “White Titanium”
  • Speculations about an additional, yet unspecified, color option
  • The iPhone 16 Pro Max/Ultra expected to be taller and slightly wider than its predecessor

iPhone 16 Pro CAD Renders Unveil New Design and Features

Materials and Design

The iPhone 16 Pro series is expected to maintain its premium build quality with the use of Grade 5 Titanium, similar to the iPhone 15 Pro models. The CAD renders hint at a “Silver” color variant, with Apple possibly adding another new color to the lineup. However, details on this new color remain under wraps.

Display and Size

Early CAD renders suggest significant changes in the size and display of the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro series. The iPhone 16 Pro Max, or the speculated iPhone 16 Ultra, is anticipated to feature a larger 6.9″ screen. The device’s body is expected to be taller and slightly wider, accommodating the bigger screen while attempting to keep the overall form factor manageable for users. Measurements for the iPhone 16 Ultra are approximately 77.2 mm in width and 165.0 mm in height, marking a noticeable increase from the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s dimensions.

User Reactions and Speculations

While some users express disappointment over the increasing size, fearing the impact on usability, others mock the incremental changes, highlighting the lack of significant innovation in design. Concerns have also been raised about the utility of a new “Capture” button, with comparisons drawn to similar features in gaming controllers that have not been well-received.

Looking Forward

As anticipation builds for the official unveiling of the iPhone 16 Pro series, the focus will undoubtedly be on how Apple addresses these user concerns and whether the final products will align with the early CAD renders and speculations. With Apple’s track record of refining its designs and features up until the launch, there’s potential for surprises that could sway public opinion.

The iPhone 16 Pro series is shaping up to be a topic of much discussion, with its rumored larger displays, new color options, and the use of premium materials. As we await further details and the official announcement, it remains to be seen how these early leaks will compare to the final product. Apple’s ability to balance innovation with user-centric design will be key to the success of the upcoming iPhone lineup.

The iPhone 16 Pro series CAD renders reveal Apple’s continued push towards larger displays and slight modifications in design, sticking to its high-quality material choice of Grade 5 Titanium. While the new color options and the potential introduction of an “iPhone 16 Ultra” model spark curiosity, the real test will be how these changes resonate with users, especially in terms of ergonomics and the utility of new features like the speculated “Capture” button. As we edge closer to the official release, it will be interesting to see which of these early speculations hold true and how Apple plans to address the ever-growing expectations of its user base.


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