itel Launches ICON 3 Smartwatch with AMOLED Display and Bluetooth Calling

itel Launches ICON 3 Smartwatch with AMOLED Display and Bluetooth Calling
Discover itel's latest smartwatch, the ICON 3, featuring an AMOLED display, Bluetooth calling, and 24-hour health tracking, available for pre-booking with a special discount.

itel introduces the ICON 3 smartwatch to its product line, equipped with a 2.01-inch AMOLED display and a single-chip Bluetooth calling feature. This latest addition aims to enhance user experience with its array of features tailored for health monitoring and connectivity.

  • The ICON 3 features a 2.01-inch AMOLED display for clear visibility even in direct sunlight.
  • It introduces single-chip Bluetooth calling functionality for seamless connectivity.
  • The smartwatch includes an always-on display and 24-hour health monitoring for comprehensive wellbeing tracking.
  • Available for pre-booking on Amazon from 24th March with a special discount for early customers.

itel steps up its game in the smartwatch industry with the launch of the ICON 3, a successor to the ICON 2. This new model comes with a 2-inch AMOLED display, offering sharp visuals with a 500 Nits brightness level. Designed with a zinc alloy frame and 2.5D curved glass, the smartwatch pairs durability with style. The ICON 3 is notable for its single-chip Bluetooth calling capability, enhancing user connectivity without the need for a smartphone.

In addition to its sophisticated design, the ICON 3 is packed with features aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. It offers round-the-clock health monitoring, tracking heart rate and blood oxygen levels. A unique aspect of this smartwatch is its dedicated female health tracker, catering to a wide range of users. For those who prioritize customization, the ICON 3 boasts over 150 stylish watch faces and a screen password feature for personalized security.

Availability and Offers

The ICON 3 smartwatch is set for pre-booking exclusively on Amazon from 24th March, priced at INR 1,699. itel has announced a special offer of INR 100 off for the first 500 customers who pre-order. Additionally, the smartwatch will be available across all retail outlets starting from 24th March.

Captivating Display: The ICON 3’s AMOLED display ensures excellent visibility in various lighting conditions, complemented by a sleek design.

Seamless Connectivity: The smartwatch facilitates hands-free communication and easy navigation through its Bluetooth calling feature and dual side keys.

Health Monitoring: Users can monitor their health 24/7, including heart rate and blood oxygen level tracking, making it an all-day companion.

Customization and Security: With over 150 watch faces and a screen password feature, users can personalize their smartwatch to match their style.

itel’s commitment to delivering innovative and user-friendly products is evident in the ICON 3. This launch underscores the brand’s effort to meet the evolving needs of modern consumers, offering a blend of technology and style at a competitive price.

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