Location based smartphone apps changing the way how we roam today

The availability of GPS enabled/Location based services in our smartphones has really simplified our life to a greater extent. These apps allow us to instantly connect with our nearby friends, things and services of our requirements, and with emergency response services as well.

Here is a list of few location based apps that are pretty useful. Let’s check them out in detail.

Olacabs, a marketplace for all types of cab and car rentals for you! It’s very simple: You enter your city and your need. We search the available inventory of our partners and provide you with a list of results and prices of different available cars from different operators. You can see our rating of that operator, what other customers said of them, and then book it right here on Olacabs.com. Or you can call us and we’ll help you through the process! It’s that simple!

‘FrndiNeed’ is a socially enabled app that helps in utilizing your geo-location to make every day travel smoother, safer and economically viable. Pronounced as “Friend-in-Need”, this app lets you find your nearby friend and ask them for Lift, Poke them for instant plans or even Plan a Meet Up. Users can also use other features including Packing Planner and press the SOS tab for help in urgent situations.

SocialShout! is your Social Shopping solution. It’s a way of incorporating the social networks (the online) into the shopping experience (the offline).The great thing about Social Shopping by SocialShout! is that we’ve found a way to do it that benefits both sides – customers and merchants. Customers win by getting great discounts, deals & offers. Merchants win by getting Word of Mouth across the social networks.

Tinder uses geolocation technology, users can set a specific radius, and they will have the option to match with anyone that is within that distance.

The new Google Maps draws you a tailored map for every search and click you make. So whatever you’re trying to find or wherever you’re trying to go, you’ll always have a map highlighting the things that matter most.

Zomato also allows you to locate the restaurants and food joints nearby to your location. It is pretty helpful if you’re new in the area or looking to try new options for a meal or coffee.

More and more apps are now integrating location based services to provide you a better personalized experience. How many of among these apps you are using currently? Let us know in comments.

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