Long range Bluetooth 5 technology with four times speed to debut on 16 June

The newest standard of Bluetooth connectivity known as ‘Bluetooth 5’ will make its debut at an unveiling event in London on June 16, 2016. Developed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG), its Director – Mark Powell confirmed its release formally.

According to the Bluetooth SIG, the new standard of Bluetooth will promise a higher range considering it will operate at a low frequency. Lower frequency waves are able to travel over longer distances as well as they are able to penetrate obstacles easily.

One major improvement we expect to see with the new technology is the improvement in battery life of devices that employ the new Bluetooth 5 standard. Since it is expected to operate at a low frequency, the energy consumed for connectivity and transfers will be considerably reduced too, making it far more efficient for small battery devices like smartphones and tablets that utilize Bluetooth 3.0 or lower largely.

The speed provided by the new connectivity standard will also be four times faster than the older standards, making both data transfers as well as communication much more quickly between Bluetooth-enabled devices.

According to the Bluetooth SIG, the Bluetooth 5 will also usher in a host of capabilities and applications that revamp the way Bluetooth is currently used to communicate with devices. An example provided was that of GPS beacons around the World.

Since Bluetooth 5 will allow long-range connectivity, GPS beacons could communicate with supported devices to provide geographic positioning and other relevant data, possibly without the use of the Internet.

No other specific information about the new technology was revealed in detail by the Bluetooth SIG, but we expect to hear everything during the unveiling event, which is scheduled to take place the following week.

As such, the new standard of Bluetooth will reface many applications and methods of communication between IOT enabled devices.

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