Mayhem Studios Launches Closed Beta for ‘Underworld Gang Wars’ Game

Mayhem Studios has announced the closed beta for their battle royale game, ‘Underworld Gang Wars’ (UGW). Following a recent community playtest, the studio is opening the game to a wider audience through a registration-based access system. The closed beta registration has commenced, allowing gamers to sign up for early access. Accompanying this announcement, Mayhem Studios released a cinematic trailer providing insights into the game’s lead characters, various hotspots, and the closed beta launch.

Key Highlights:

  • Closed beta of ‘Underworld Gang Wars’ announced by Mayhem Studios.
  • Registration for closed beta access is now open to interested gamers.
  • The game has received over 7 million pre-registrations to date.
  • ‘Underworld Gang Wars’ incorporates Indian themes and locations, a first in AAA battle royale games.
  • The game features a first-person perspective with 16 unique Indian-themed hotspots.
  • Players can join one of two gangs: The Velvets or Bhokal Toli.
  • The game includes a range of weapons, with some innovative options like the hammer and the Katta.

Mayhem Studios Launches Closed Beta for 'Underworld Gang Wars' Game

Since its initial announcement last year, UGW has garnered significant interest, reflected in over 7 million pre-registrations. The game, boasting elements deeply rooted in Indian culture, represents a novel approach in the AAA game segment. It promises to provide a localized experience with its theme, characters, and setting.

The studio recently concluded their Alpha playtests, where feedback was gathered on the game’s content and mechanics. The first community playtest included notable gamers and content creators such as Dynamo Gaming (Aditya Sawant) and Rawknee (Ronodeep Dasgupta).

UGW offers a first-person gameplay experience across 16 distinctive hotspots inspired by Indian locales. Players must choose between two factions, The Velvets or Bhokal Toli, to progress in the game. The arsenal available to players includes traditional weapons and unique options like the hammer and the Katta, aiming to diversify the gaming experience.

Ojas Vipat, CEO of Mayhem Studios, expressed enthusiasm about the closed beta launch and anticipates the reaction from UGW fans. He emphasized the studio’s ambition to develop high-quality games and gaming IPs in India, with UGW marking a significant step in this direction.

For more information and to register for the closed beta, gamers can visit the registration link provided by the studio. The cinematic trailer for ‘Underworld Gang Wars’ is available for viewing on YouTube.


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