Meizu Pro 5 Mini leak reveals metal body, 4.7-inch display and dual-LED flash

Meizu has managed to get eyes rolling with the leak of images for the new ‘Pro 5 Mini’. With no updates from the last year, the anticipation of the compact version of the Meizu Pro 5 had almost died off, until an image of someone holding a Pro 5 in the hand, and a smaller Meizu, most likely to be the ‘Pro 5 Mini’ surfaced online.

The image suggests that the new phone will also have an all metal body like its predecessor and come with a smaller display at 4.7”. The back of the new phone suggests that it won’t use the same laser focus flash as the ‘Pro 5’ but will come with a dual-LED flash that is arranged horizontally beneath the camera lens.

With not too many competitors in the compact smartphone space, especially with the hardware specifications Meizu will offer with the ‘Pro 5 Mini’, the soon-to-arrive phone is expected to compete for head on with Sony’s Xperia Z5 line of phones.

The new phone is supposed to come with a 3 GB RAM, 32GB- 64GB of internal storage memory that can be expanded up to 128GB by using the dual-SIM-2 slot in case you require it, a 16 MP – 20 MP front camera and will ship with the Android 5.1. Lollipop.

Mr. Li Nan – VP for Sales and Marketing at Meizu mentioned that the tiny device would cost anywhere between 2000 to 2500 Yuan (INR 21,040 to INR 26,299) depending on the storage purchased by the buyer.

The phone is expected to be launched for sales around the month of April, later this year.

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