Meizu Pro 7 leaked video showcases the second display on the rear side

Meizu Pro 7 is all over the internet because of its second screen feature; the second screen is placed at the back of the phone. A new video that was leaked showcases the second screen in action. The leaks only show the display without any animation or operations on it.Though few pictures were leaked a couple of days ago, this new video showcases the secondary display working just like the primary display and is a color screen too.

This secondary display on Meizu Pro 7 is not like the one which we have seen on the Yotaphone. The display is around two inches, and it is placed below the dual camera setup. We still don’t know that the screen on the back supports touch screen or not because if it is then using the smartphone might be an issue as it might trigger the secondary display accidentally.

The leaked video shows the secondary display showing the settings app which is in the Chinese language and also revealed the notification bar visible on the top part of the screen. This 10-second clip showed a lot about the secondary display of Meizu Pro 7, but there is still no reveal about its actual functionality and the way it is meant to be used.We are still several weeks away from the release, but these leaks will keep coming to keep us engaged with something new every time. Stay tuned to PC-Tablet for more leaks about the Meizu Pro 7.

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