Home News Meta Adds Instant Replay to Horizon Worlds for Easier Viral Content

Meta Adds Instant Replay to Horizon Worlds for Easier Viral Content

Meta Adds Instant Replay to Horizon Worlds for Easier Viral Content

Meta is streamlining how users capture and share entertaining moments in its social VR platform, Horizon Worlds. The new ‘Instant Replay’ feature allows users to automatically save short video clips without the hassle of manually starting a recording. This update aims to increase the amount of viral Horizon Worlds content shared on social media platforms.

Horizon Worlds, Meta’s flagship social VR platform, often sees users encountering unexpected and hilarious situations. Until now, quickly capturing those moments required users to pause and manually start recording. With ‘Instant Replay,’ Horizon Worlds continuously buffers a short video clip, allowing users to save and share the entertaining moments they may have otherwise missed.

Meta views this as a way to boost engagement and increase the chances of Horizon Worlds content going viral on external social networks. Virality on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok can act as a powerful marketing tool and attract new users.

Currently in early access, ‘Instant Replay’ functions as a continuously rolling video buffer. This buffer is enabled by world creators, giving all visitors the potential to save clips without disrupting their experiences. Once a user decides they want to save a moment, they can capture a clip of preset duration from the recent past. These clips can then be conveniently shared through the Horizon Worlds media gallery.

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The feature is initially being tested with a limited rollout but is designed to be enabled by individual world creators within Horizon Worlds. Once enabled within a world, all visitors have the option to use Instant Replay. Clips captured with Instant Replay are accessible via the user’s media gallery.

Previously, Meta bolstered Horizon Worlds’ potential to create engaging shareable content through the introduction of official mini-games. However, ‘Instant Replay’ has the potential to be an even more impactful tool by reducing the technical hurdles involved in content creation.

Meta’s focus on virality and social media sharing comes amidst stiff competition in the VR space, particularly as platforms like TikTok offer exciting new ways of sharing short-form video content.

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